What gun should i get BT or SLUGS on


what should i get
pls pick for me i am rank 35 atm

  1. R 700 BT
  2. Dragnov SVU BT
  5. Wait for other gun to get bt or slugs on


You fucking disgust me.


ill take that as a dragnov bt


none; trust me, it’s overrated


Buy a Fal, Mosin, or another good gun (akm, maybe) that can help you grind. It’s also a good idea to buy some attachments with a gun(like a Vcog 6x with the Mosin, or some recoil control attachments for the FAL and AKM)


BT calculates bullet drop. It’s not worth using because bullet drop is the same among most snipers. It’s easy to learn instead of wasting thousands of credits on it


same thing as a slugs


sorry for changing


dont get BT on any gun
DBV slugs is really good tho its basically another dragunov


Save for the Steyr Scout, Bt is useless, slug can be grind for.


I don’t understand your English. To me it looks like you said “Slugs are the same as the BT”


i see


i just want experience bt and slugs


Sorry what? :joy:




moves mouse over “Delete User” button


BT is only kinda useful for calculating bullet drop.

Half the time it doesn’t even work.

Slugs kinda makes a decent DMR out of shotguns, but it’s better you use an actual DMR.


gets bt on r 700
gets slugs on ksg


yeah about that


i take that back.
gets bt on bfg
gets slugs on (OLD) ksg
gets ap on m60
gets bt on kriss vector