What do you think of Luck and the map changes?

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The update has been pushed and four maps have seen new light.
The new map is the potential Dunes replacement, Luck, and changes were made to Crane Site, Highway, and Ravod.

I’m still playing these and will make my conclusions later.

Anyway, here’s the poll:

What do you think of Luck?

  • I love it
  • It’s good
  • It’s average
  • It’s bad
  • Worst map
  • I haven’t played it enough / Don’t care

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Is Luck better than Dunes?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Haven’t played it enough / Don’t care / No clue

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How are the new Crane Site changes?

  • Crane Site is better
  • Crane Site feels the same
  • Crane Site is worse
  • Haven’t played it enough / Don’t care

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How are the new Highway changes?

  • Highway is better
  • Highway feels the same
  • Highway is worse
  • Haven’t played it enough / Don’t care

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How are the new Ravod changes?

  • Ravod is better
  • Ravod feels the same
  • Ravod is worse
  • Haven’t played it / Don’t care

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Feel free to express your opinions about the map changes and Luck here.


luck is trash, people just camp at your spawn


That’s every map learn to get past spawn campers


it… didn’t change size?


I just played it, it feels identical in size.
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but it’s blocked by buildings


Go in or around the buildings. This isn’t Ravod, you actually have a chance to get out of spawn.

(or at least old Ravod, I don’t know the new spawns)


To me this update just made the game more unplayable. I’m considering quitting pf but I’ll still be active here on the forums. Anyways this update looks ok… CTF is a cool new feature but I really don’t don’t care for the extra detail they added to the maps. For example crane sight, I feel as if all the changes were unnecessary especially the whole moving the crane close to parking garage where you are easily gunned down. Idk all the map revamps weren’t necessary. What they really needed to fix was the hitreg like @camarokidbb was talking about. I would make the game more friendly to users with potatoes (like me). So yeah theres my take. Keep in mind I haven’t played the update! Thank you.


I do like the long street battles in Luck. I was getting my ass whooped but was against a team of competent players, so I’ll have to give it another chance.

I really like the look and added details of Highway Map, but I noticed that enemies seemed to be popping / spawning out of every place imaginable. I’m not used to the map yet, of course, but it seemed like staying alive meant covering 6 angles at once, rather than 2 or 3.


The only new map I’ve played on so far is the crane site revamp. I like it a lot. They put the crane in the center of the map so it’s harder for players to get up there, which is great!


I’m not really a fan of Luck, unless it’s Capture The Flag, it’s actually a good CTF map.


Crane site is cancer now ,all you see are players coming out of nowhere gunning down the whole team.


I’m pretty sure that was already how crane site was.

I still have no clue where they keep coming from


Atleast climbing the crane is harder than getting a ZIP 22 kill now.




it’s was always easy to kill peeps on the crane, they should keep it in the original position.



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Can we all stop bullshitting and realize that

Luck was branded as a REPLACEMENT to Dunes, yet Dunes is still in the game. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Also the crane somehow makes that one-sided spawntrapping SO much easier. Why? I thought we were looking for solutions to spawncamping! Even worse now, thanks to the normal spawntrapping building giving the spawntrappers cover. WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING.


And the high ranks are even more aggressive on crane site since spawntrapping is easier I couldn’t even spawn before 4-6 seconds later I get killed from 300 studs away with a Mosin and on top of that there were 5 to 6 guys with m60’s and rpk’s spraying where my teammates were at and the screen shake was unbearable so I left.