What did you get this christmas


It is a cheap plastic toy.

Surely somewhere it will say the mystical words

Made in China


I got a fan thing which i plonk me laptop on so it doesn’t shit itself. :smiley:




Is that a knightstick wirh an magazine?


A:ir? Cool

(Actually a game)

(Its kinda bad in my opinion but idk its from Bluehole)


Got Rainbow Six Siege

Gotta kill hostages


Then play Fuze


I got a lava lamp,gamingchair,new pc,Money,bluetooth headphone :smiley:


Deploying Clustercharge

Hostage has been eliminated


i don’t ask for anything but my parents give me something anyway :]
out of all the things that my parents could give me

they gave me a


im dead
and its actually a good wallet but like wtf a wallet


Its ok. I have a whole $2.27 in pennies in this bad boy.


NES zelda flask with sleeve

$50 steam card I used to buy doom, Ravenfield, grow home, hotline Miami, and a few other things.

Headset so I can kill my ears.

And a haircut gift card, for some reasons, my hair isn’t even long… I swear.


so u hav brown hair


I think you kill those people called the bad guys, if I’m not mistaken…


Don’t trust it, it lies.



i have 226.78 in all cents in my piggy bank
(took me 2 years of my dads loose change)


Yesterday I played with a twitch on hostage and she was literally twitching the hostage until the hostage die from too much harassment…


"Hostage KIA, mission failed"
People in the chat: what the fouk was dat m8?!


I Fuze hostage room,

on ranked


Well, rip people who ragequitted (renown penalty)