Website bugged


So I have this shortcut on my homescreen that opens the website like an app (i think other people have it too but im not sure what its called) it was working but when i unlocked my phone and checked the website for any new topics this happened. It also wont let me do anything on the site except click categories. Im writing this from chrome ;-;

How to fix?


It’s done.
@Synthetic has worked their magic.


Refresh the page with F5, it should be fixed then


10/10 job man.


F5? Im using my phone…


Refresh thingy.


Also, purge.


Oh ok thx


Are you messing with the website right now or something? First the website has a red tint thing then black and red then all white now a blue.


He’s resolving it.


lol yes, i am going to see if changing colors is a good idea


Ok nvm this blue looks nice…


Could you try a black and purple sort of thing


The White and Black works just fine.


black and purple ftw black and white can die


pls try black and purple.


Oh god, comic sans


How did this turn from a website bug report to a colour requesting thing?


because i am messing with the theme, going to see if i can make it cooler


Pls it wont let me reply dont change font