Website Appearance


So here I was, being bored and not wanting to do vital school work where I decided I would go onto this site sincce about one or two weeks on inactivity. I then discovered something… odd. I was met with the following screen.

I did notice there is a topic “Website bugged”, but that was for mobile browsing which had the previous look. The thing that confuses me the most is that the text is the default HTML text.

Is this normal or is it that somehow chrome is misreading the CSS file?

Regardless if this is an actual thing, I would like to see this kind of style as an applicable setting… or it already is and I forgot that I had enabled it. Regardless, it’d be a pretty cool feature on the site having to switch from a white to grey background. But the top banner just doesn’t look like the appropriate colour… Also this.


Synthetic is messing around with the site, just give it a bit.


Ah, ok. Thanks. :joy:


Go lower in the topic and you’ll understand everything :slight_smile:


ye, i want to improve what we had, but can’t find a really nice color theme.
preferably dark theme, so the users at night dont get a really bright website


I put this on the other topic but im not sure if you saw it:



I shit you not, at the time of writing this, the logo is a noon holding his BFG.


Gray, Navy blue, and black would feel well on my eyeballs in the wee hours of the morning.




ok do you like the new logo?


Its beautiful


Help this websight is difrent i dont like change


this font reminds me of the times new roman font that i have to use when writing an essay ahhh now this site reminds me of essays lmao


u dont use Arial?


Calibri boiz






C A L I B R I L I G H T O R G T F O .


Memes are a funny thing that exsist.