Weapons Suggestions: Cool Unique Revolvers


S&W Model 500 Magnum aka Super Magnum
The .500 super magnum. Lives up to its name and then some, being the only revolver to be able to 2 hit kill at any range. It also boasts incredible damage output, and in CQC it can kill a man by just shooting him in the chest. Truly puts the cannon in hand cannon.
Damage: 80-40
Ammo: 5/20 (.500 S&W)
Range: 30 max, 150 min
Fire Rate: 150 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 2200 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 3.0x
Torso Multiplier: 1.4x
Recoil: Very high. We are talking Deagle x3.
Movement Speed: 14 studs/s (slowest pistol for a reason)
Reload Time: 3.5 seconds
Penetration: 3.0 studs

BEHOLD! THE INTEGRALLY SUPPRESSED REVOLVER! “But revolvers can’t be integrally suppressed!” Oh yes they can. Listen here. “The effective range of fire for the OTs-38 Stechkin is 50m. The fired cases are kept in the cylinder, thus ensuring the absence of sound of ejected cases. The cartridge employs a captive piston, creating a gas seal so there is no flash or loud report upon discharge.” -Wikipedia article on the OTs-38.
Now to me this is SUPER interesting as a weapon. We don’t even have any integrally suppressed pistols. For us to have an integrally suppressed revolver? Why it’d be out of this world. @shaylan007 dad if you’re out there please take a look at the OTs-38.

Damage: 45-30
Ammo: 5/30 (7.62 x 42 mm yes, a 7.62 revolver)
Range: 40-80 studs
RoF: 500 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 1500 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 2.5x
Torso Multiplier: 1.4x
Recoil: Relatively low for revolvers. About 2/3 of the Mateba’s.
Movement speed: 15 studs/s
Reload Time: Same as Mateba’s
Penetration: 1.5 studs/s

Taurus Judge
Now, you boys have seen the taurus judge around before. I’ve suggested it a billion times now but god damnit I will keep on doing it until the day I die or the day it gets in. So what makes the Taurus Judge so special? Simple. It can shoot .410 bore shells. Shotgun shells. In a revolver.
Damage: 24-15
Ammo: 5/20
Range: 15-45
ROF: 400 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 1300 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 1.1x
Torso Multiplier: 1.0x
Recoil: About the same as the MP412 REX
Movement speed: 15 studs/s
Reload Speed: 2.5 secs full, 0.5 per shell. Reloads 1 shell at a time.
Penetration: 0.5 studs
Pellet Spread: Very wide spread. Wider than the Serbu.




…not… excited about the OTs??? But I worked so hard to find it…


that too. I never knew there was a integrally suppressed revolver before.


The Super magnum is awesome. But it hurts to shoot one round


I’d imagine the Taurus Judge to do something like 25-16 damage, and have tighter spread and (slightly) longer range than other secondary shotguns, but only have 4 pellets per shot as a tradeoff, due to the fact that only 4 00 pellets can fit in a .410 shell.


Where’s the Nagant M1895.


Wheres the Orginal badass Model 29 at?


.44 MAGNUM intensifies



We already have one.

It’s called.

Mateba 6


More .44 Magnums.

wouldn’t hurt tbh