Weapon Suggestion Thread: No theme here, officer




thanks b0ss


So THAT’s why a whopping zero of my threads get merged…


I have an idea for the rocket launcher as well:
The Panzerfaust.
Its a small hand held single use grenade launcher.
It has a pretty high ark and a smaller explosion radius then a frag.
You can only carry one.
A direct hit is an insta kill.
You can aim and stick scopes on it. (Cause why not.)
It explodes on impact as well



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Too bad


no too op stuff like miniguns, rpg’s, or FRIGGIN 'NADE LAUNCHERS


Noob tubes are being modeled for PF for some reason.


Don’t fucking tell me you got that from Pet’s video.

That was a helical mag, not a 'nade launcher.

But gotta get that clickbait up and running.


Noob’s be enjoying that.


Its one shot. You miss no more ww1/2 grenade launcher for you