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ANS-94u (Carbine)
Damage: 34-19
ROF: 700 Auto / 2200 2 round Burst
Ammo: 20 (+1) / 120
Range: 40-80 studs
Muzzle Velocity: 1900 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 1.4x
Torso Multiplier: 1.0x
Recoil: Medium, should result in about the same recoil as the AKU-12
Hipfire: Terrible. Should be the worst of all carbines.
Rank: 31
An attempt to make a CQC oriented AN-94 variant, the ANS-94U features designs from the AKS-74U. Lightweight, dependable, and boasting good damage, the ANS-94U may be an unconventional choice of a weapon in CQC, but a good one nonetheless.

Damage: 33-20
RoF: 600 RPM Auto, 1500 RPM 4 Round Burst, 2000 RPM 2 round burst
Ammo: 60 (+1) / 180 (Casket Magazines)
Range: 50 - 160 studs
Muzzle Velocity: 2200 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 1.5x
Torso Multiplier: 0.8x
Recoil: Recoil works in a bit of a unique way. The 4 round burst has recoil once after the second shot, and again after the fourth shot. The 2 round burst works as normal.
Hipfire: Average for LMGs
Rank: 64
RPN-94 is super unique in that it has 2 burst modes; a 4 and a 2 round burst. 4 round bursts can secure single burst kills, but are slower, and have more recoil. 2 round bursts are more accurate, and come out quicker, but have less damage per burst, obviously. It is an attempt to make a squad support weapon.

Damage: 42-22
RoF: 625 Auto, 1200 2 round Burst
Range: 40-110
Ammo: 30 / 120
Muzzle Velocity: 2400 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 1.4x
Torso Multiplier: 1.0x
Recoil: The burst should barely have any recoil. And the rest of the shots, the same. The thing should practically be a laser, more so than the current AN-94 on auto.
Hipfire: Below average for an assault rifle.
Rank: 94
The ANK-94 is a fusion of designs from the AK-74, AKM, and the AN-94. It fires 7.62mm rounds that boast high power, and good range. Very surprisingly, it also has barely any recoil. Although the damage at range can be found lacking.

And now for some actual real guns.

DP-12 (Double Barrel Shotgun)
Damage: 29 - 17
RoF: 400 RPM Semi Auto / Pump action (The weapon is a double barreled pump action shotgun. This means it can fire twice and only has to pump once.
Ammo: 6/6 / 42 (Both barrels should have separate ammo counters.)
Range: 20-60
Muzzle Velocity: 1500 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 1.1x
Torso Multiplier: 1.0x
Recoil: Basically clone the DB.
Hipfire: Double Barrel Wars: Attack of the Clones.
Spread: Double Barrel Wars: Revenge of the Stevens (Less accurate than the steven’s but not as bad as the DBV-12)
Rank: 77

Damage: 25-23
RoF: 200 RPM (Semi Automatic)
Ammo: 8 / 64
Range: 50-80
Muzzle Velocity: 2000 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 1.5x
Torso Multiplier: 1.1x
Recoil: Relatively low. Should be lowest of the semi auto shotguns, even lower than the Saiga.
Hipfire: Decent, should be accurate and quick to recover.
Spread: Should be very tight for a shotgun. The M1014 is meant as a marksman’s shotgun if you will. She shoots straight, and if you can hit your shots, she gets the job done.

Browning M1919
Damage: 56-35
RoF: 500 RPM
Ammo: 100 / 200
Range: 40-140 studs
Muzzle Velocity: 2200 studs/s
Head Multiplier: 1.5x
Torso Multiplier: 0.9x
Recoil: Very high, like the M60.
Hipfire: Dog shit.
Rank: 106
Penetration: 4 studs

Suggested change to KSG!
The KSG and all weapons with 2 tubes should have a special feature; their ammo, when selected (like slugs and flechette), can have 2 selected. Basically you can carry 2 types of ammo, which you can switch between with H. However, the ammo pool is now split between the two rounds. Of course, if you only select one type of ammo this does not come into play.



don’t you mean lower than the DVB-12?,the saiga has high recoil.


Siaga has low recoil last i checked


hmm,let’s see

Dvb 12:


saiga 12:



ok but if you want to switch ammo types you have to get to cover and unload all current ammo and then load all of the 2nd type. Unloading should be quite quick though so you dont stay out for too long


Give Rex a single-action firemode and the New Army an alt aim as well as a firemode unique to that aimmode where the character holds down the trigger and fans the hammer.


The R8 from CSGO just add that.


That’s completely unnecessary, just cycle out the round in the chamber and switch the tube your KSG feeds from


ffs put in weapon suggestions megathread

.edarmoc ninel lieH


Nah. These suggestions are all pretty unique and would otherwise be overshadowed by the mountains of garbage within the gun suggestions megathread.


I’d kill to have a fan-the-hammer feature. Perhaps make it standard on the Colt Peacekeeper if it ever gets added.

“Auto” if hipfire, Semi for aiming down sights.


Maybe add a minigun. It should be very heavy with an insane amount of recoil and basically no damage for one bullet. Penetration is nil for everything but wood.

Damage: 1-2
Rate of fire: 4000
Ammo: 400 / 1200
Range: 50-100 studs before the bullets deal no damage and are too spread to hit much.
Muzzle velocity: Make up your own.
Head Multiplier: 2x
Torso Multiplier: 1.5x
Recoil: Insanely high.
Hipfire: The same as aiming.
Rank: 70
It should have to charge up for 2 seconds before shooting, instantly revealing you on the minimap,
aiming should zoom in slightly. The spread should be ridiculous. Walk speed should be really slow. It could be used for covering and suppressing fire. The only attachments should be an option to have either 4, 6 or 8 barrels. They would be purely for looks.
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So, basically a troll gun?


No, just covering fire. It would be hard to sneak up on people and the range is garbage.


I’m a simple man… I want a picture of it


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Nah, these are too unique and detailed to get thrown in with the junk there. Nobody actually pays attention to that thread, and these are of a higher quality and quantity than the stuff that’s usually put there. Just saying.


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