Weapon suggestion: MP5A5 custom

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Remember the MP5A4 from CTE?, well this is it but it’s the A5 variant(with a tan paint) .
Damage: 34 max ->22 min
RPM: 830 auto/950 burst
Range: 60 max ->135 min
Velocity: 2300 stud/s
Head multiplier :1.6x
Fire modes: Auto/Burst/semi
Reload time:same as the mp5
Recoil: comparible to the mp-10 on auto, when on burst mode it’s comparible to the M16A4 abeit faster shooting
Everything else is more or less the same as the mp5
Conclusion: it functions as a in-between to the MP-10 and mp5 with a burst mode with it

(with rails)

(without rails and magazine)

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so a faster firing MP5 that can burst as well?

the faster, the better -mrgarfield26


Max damage is low compared to the MP5 and prevents a fully guaranteed 1-burst kill within the max damage distance, I suggest upping it to at least 34