Weapon suggestion M.A.U.L Shotgun


The M.A.U.L (Multi-shot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher) is a underbarrel shotgun, that can be
used as a 5 shot, semi-auto, stand alone shotgun.

The weapon is slim and compacted, and uses a “stacked projectile munition tube” which is a fancy
way to say that the shells are stacked end to end in the barrel.
each is fired electronically



Rank Prerequisites: Rank 80 (can be changed)

Damage: 35->10

Range: 35 max->90 min

Capacity: 5 / 50

Recoil: It will have moderately high recoil

RPM: 300

Reload Time: 3.0s

Damage Multipliers: none

ADS: Bulldog_iron_sights_CoDG


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I really don’t see the point of adding this obscure thing when the Masterkey and the M26 MASS exist.


I many want it because the bad-ass reload

I’m going to add more detail


@SilverKnite merge


But this is a quality suggestion with actual stats


Things in gun suggestion thread are people who are to stupid to put half decent stats


Oh, makes sense. Thanks for telling me.