Wait a second? Am I able to lose status on this website?


I kept noticing I lost my regular/member statuses and badges. Do I have to maintain a certain amount of activity in order to keep that?

If so, what’s the reasoning? :C lol jk idc just wondering.

Me attempting to be seen as “active again” XD


I just joined recently and I’ve noticed in the rules and stuff that it’s a thing that can happen


ayyy you moved over from discord to here :smiley:


well, sort of

I still use the discord when i get the chance to


Yeah, Trust level 3 ( Regular) users can get their rank lowered if they are no active enough, if you are that desperate for the title “Regular”, then you can tell toothless to manually turn you into a Regular.


Hmm…Im active often am I a regular


Guess not 0~0 hey… @toothless Could I get to be a…regular…


Yeah, you are a Regular.


How to have your tittle as a Regular shows next to your profile pic:
-Preference-> title-> regular -> profit ???


idk, i’m so active i would never know.


I am Irregular lol


I’m Trans regular


im cross irregular


I am not sure how it works honestly, if you want answers, this forum probably has the answers somewhere.