Votekick Abuse


With the new update, I’m sure there are lots of other issues, but i’d like to talk about votekick abuse. Today, after waking up I decided to try out the new update only to have a vote kick started on me the second I joined. Assuming it was a friend trolling me, I started to play. A few seconds later I was kicked. You would think this would be a one time experience, but no. I was consecutively vote kicked 4 times in a row. Dolphin_M8, a friend of mine was vote kicked (apparently) 9 times in a row. I feel there needs to be a safeguard to stop this abuse.

Are you guys having the same issues? How do you think we could stop this?

New update! :D

Yes, StyLis pls fix


Yup, I guess the gui is just tempting?


that could be it. its just so easy now, along with the fact people will votekick you if you’ve killed them


Yes, please.

The voteabuse is abusive.


Maybe have them select a reason why he should be kicked?




Well I havent experienced it. You must play in a highly toxic Roblox Reigon to get kicked that many times!


Yes, These people votekicked me because I had a good comeback about puberty.
They were talking about age differences and they didn’t understand that puberty can hit people ate the ages of 10-14.
They said I was probably 8 and had no room to talk.
I had the comeback of: I have the probability to assume that you are 12 and wondering why everyone in your grade level is changing and why you haven’t developed ##### (s p e r m) cells yet.


2 years later
that’s like a world record revive


Should we give him a prize?

Nvm, I took his record.


how long


3 years.


I’ll wait 4 years :slight_smile:


I got false votekicked for the first time. I was going 17:9 on metro with the vector and mg3kws (max toxcicity) and i got votekicked by this guy called KingFisher83LL
he haccusated me and got all the votes required for the votekick.