Veteran15837 Breaks PF 😁


Here’s a couple more gifs of broken stuff, this time focusing on reloads! :grin:

  1. One handed Mosin reload
  1. Multiple BFG/SFG casings
  1. Force-enabled M60 reload
  1. Trick speedloader on the MP412-REX :wink:


best things I ever saw ;-;


I am seeing alot of bulletholes


What is adsing a gain?


Aim Down Sights


how can you not know


Have you ever done a 360 no scope?


so im currently not on my mac rn so ima explain this thing u can do with the ksg

even though a lot of people know hoe to do this lol

when u vault and shoot theres a delay before you add another shell to the chamber or whatever its called but with the ksg you can actually take advantage of that and shoot twice before adding another shell to the chamber or whatever thats called lol twice

edit: maybe ill add a video this later


IMPOSSIBRU. This is neat


Even more things I broke, haha :smiley:

Broken AN-94 recoil
This didn’t have a proper step to achieve, requiring some RNG and some workarounds with other glitches to accomplish.

Falling safely
Well, falling isn’t safe at all.
If you’re going to fall, you might as well attempt to lessen the damage it will do to you when you land. The fall from this height will kill you, but a few actions done will save you, as shown in this gif.


Christ, this is insane


Cant tell, did you crouch right befor you hit the ground?


Newbs: jump and press S.


I’ve updated the fall damage reduction methods in a Streamable link. Please check it out :smiley:


how 2 adjust scope sur


adjusting it




if you press h and then scope in on a power scope (PM II, vcog, ect) it zooms in twice


or u can cancel reload and zoom twice


Cancelling H is faster