Veteran15837 Breaks PF 😁


[Disclaimer: GIF files may lag this thread.]

Well, now…
Newbie15837 (My IGN in ROBLOX) is now testing things in PF in his private server. He’s attempting to find interesting quirks within PF and the ROBLOX engine.

Let’s see what I broke, shall we? :grin:

  1. Timed explosives
    I found a way to technically make grenades stay in one spot without throwing it. It’s also timed too, so you can run away like the coward you are and get cheap kills, haha.
  1. Aiming concentration
    In some games, you gain additional zoom when you ADS with iron sights after a while. I managed to replicate this in PF.
  1. Possible shotgun sniper mode
    Not sure about this one, it could just be the scope overlay with a sawed off shotgun, or it may actually kill at long range. Probably the former, though.
  1. Possible PF scope mechanics
    I managed to break the scopes in PF to roughly simulate how ADS’ing with scopes would be irl. Unfortunately, the glass piece doesn’t render a magnified view, only a reflection of the sky.

Here’s another one, but with the AN-94:

And the holding breath mechanics…

  1. Adjustable optics
    Self explanatory.

I’m looking forward to breaking even more stuff in PF, haha :wink:


I thought everyone knew about the timed explosives thing


Apparently not so, afaik.


Oh k umm


How did you do 2?


The only nade glitch I know is the super burst glitch.


can you break the game and gib me some credits?


Teach me everything


How did you do 2?

Merging two optics together resulted in the difference between aiming zoom levels.

Can you break the game and gib me some credits?

I’ve got no permissions to give people credits in PF.

Teach me everything

Time will tell, haha.


How u do all of ‘em?


In a nutshell, “merging” things together caused this to happen, at least for the scopes and aiming concentration.
As for the stationary grenade, well…
One step is holding down G :grin:


Imma give ya 10 bucks for the grenade thing “pull out steam wallet card”




I want to like this topic, but I ran out likes.



Ooof, wait until the next opportunity, haha :smiley:
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hold G, tap 1, 2 or 3


i knew how to do the timed explosives thing but i didnt know it explodes lol


Time, tell me everything


I’ve also broke the Saiga 12 too :smiley:

  1. Semi automatic merge:
  1. Sawed off double-shot merge:
  1. Full auto merge:


Well then, those are certainly interesting