Updating Phantom Forces


phantom forces is getting old now that its now updating constantly not what we want what we really want is more things like camos and skin customization and choosing from a verity of game modes like hard core that put players in cinematic mode to make it harder for them to play also melee weapons like axes wrenches better animations of reloading better snipers but for lower ranks and ranking up little faster to make it better and since people will play it a lot the max level should be 1000 because most people are 100 and the more they play the more they enjoy and also should add more attachments such as fast mags or extended clip for more ammo and perks for better performance like fast hands fast reload and such and such


can’t u wait ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


No perks, confirmed. Skins are being worked on, along with a UI update. Both are pretty close to final product, I believe. The max level is already 1000, but I believe the highest rank so far is in the 200s. Weapon reskins haven’t been touched on yet, but probably will be a thing. Melee weapons that differ in performance probably won’t suit the playstyle of PF though, but could work out well. Attachments are also getting remade and new ones are also probably in the making.


Dude they’re working on stuff, and the devs have a life, just enjoy the game the way it is and don’t demand this much shit.
Just wait, it has got to be a pain in the ass to just make this game as good as it is, don’t like it? Wish it was better? Too bad go play bf4 and come back in three years


Are you kidding? No, really, are you trolling because the AK family has been in the works since late last year and we’ve been waiting on their release since January so we finally get them and you say that’s not what we wanted? You must be new so don’t act like you know what the community wants. These recent updates have been the most looked forward to i think since the game hit beta.


Dude, this is a joke, right? Are you not paying attention to anything?
Skins are in the works
Why would you want hardcore?
Melee weapons are not happening
What do you mean by better animations? Not sure how you can get better than what they already have in the game.
Ranking up seems great to me. If they increased the ranking up speed, suddenly they’d have to rebalance the guns, which would break the game, and everyone’s hard-earned ranks would suddenly be worthless.
More attachments are coming, but perks are not coming.

Before you assume what “we” want, make sure it isn’t just what you want. Because I’m pretty sure most of the things you want are not what most players want, especially those who understand the game.


Well.is this really a bad idea?
I mean you might add well create another game, but this would in end make phantom forces skill based


It would cease to be Phantom Forces


why do you need so many skins, dawg, there’s plenty


If you want cod, go play cod.

Low ranks already have the majority of the gun unlocks. They’re adding high rank guns because there are not enough high rank guns.

Trust me, No one wants more melee weapons.

No perks, go play call of duty if you want to play call of duty so bad.


two fucking years man, cmon


four fucking months man, cmon