UI changes/ other things


When you rank up, you get a rank up drop, which is a random skin for a random weapon.

If a weapon has a skin equipped, it will show the skin on the death screen (Ex. Noob13 killed you with their AK-47 - Gold)

map specific cases and drops

You can keep your skins, or you can…
Put them up for sale!
You can sell your skin to the system (What the current way of selling is,) or you can sell it to another player.

When you list your skin you name your price. Of course the suggested price will be auto selected, but you can increase this number. When you list the item, you will still be able to use it until someone places a buy order for the skin.
When that happens, a notification icon will be on the shop where you can accept the buy request.
The skin will transfer to the user who purchased it and his credits will be transferred to your account.
To place a buy order simply click buy on the skin you want to buy.

About skins:
I think the standard rank 0 knife should be a generic knife and the knife we have now (M9 Bayonet) should be a legendary unlock too. I also would like to see the standard bayonet in the game too

And cool knife animations?


The random skin sounds like a nice idea, but I don’t see the usefulness of showing the skin on the deathscreen.


so I can show off my knife and very rare skins

kinda like in csgo


I feel like everyone who played PF should get an amount of rank up drops based on how many times he ranked up in the past, Like I would get 226 of them, so it doesn’t feel like a waste.

Btw, can you get a melee if you are lucky from them?


Every 40 levels you get a melee skin :thinking:


yeah i guess but there would be like a .0001% chance


people be like


too easy (unless you are in the 100’s allready)


I mean by the time you get to level 40 you should already have 2 or 3 legendaries.


But the question is:
Should the knife drop be a good skin or a shit skin

What I really want in my colection is a Bayonet cosmic cat




the rank 0 knife can roll skins, just like trench mace/machette/any other starter melee/rank unlocks too


yeah i know but i think the rank 0 knife should be a generic knife and the current knife should be a legendary.


uhh, do you really wanna make the default knife a butter knife?

imagine dieing to this

Image result for butter knife


no i meant like a standard combat knife
Image result for terrorist knife csgo

like that


basically the same as the current thing


the current knife model is a m9 bayonet

you know what forget it