Tunnels Map


Link for those who wanna check it out:

So erm… Yeah.
I’ve recently gotten into studio and decided to make my first ever map.
It’s just a simple thing I’m going to do for a few weeks, and keep building on top of it.
I’ve focused on a more natural setting, so it’s not going to be focused on FPS gameplay elements? Still undecided it’s so early.






Atomic Warfare

Jk nice thou.


Progress update #1

I’ve decided to abandon the stream with a road.
Expanded the rock face, and added more dirt.


Update #2
Map name.
Increased wall height.
Straightened out the street outline.
Added ocean water.


Sooooo, hacksaw ridge?


Update 2.5
Added tunnel
Continued on road.
Lighthouse planning SOON :tm:

Added link to very top.


Project on indefinite Hiatus until my computer issues get sorted out.
I’m not working on this map on 2 FPS.


Why did you like this :C


Project reopen due to the fact my computer decided to run studio.
Pictures of the new light house up soon :tm:


28 days later. Wow.


I’m curious. How wide is that road? From here, it looks like a bike path.


Road removed. Replacing with grass.


Okay. Been a while.
I’ve replaced the coastline aspect with a more countryside aspect, Tunnels will be the place holding name?
The tunnel is now a road tunnel, the road on the side is going to be a town, and above the tunnel will be a railyard.
One or two farms will branch off of the road.



As well as this, the map has an overall blue hue for ambient lighting, as one can probably notice.


this has a lot of potential. only thing is 1 choke point (tunnel) would be cool if you added hidden flank spots along with 2 obvious ones.


Above the Tunnel will be train tracks, and a tunnel branching up to the tracks.


Pics soon :tm: