Torush1 - The Summoning


Hello people of the Phantom Forces community,

If you don’t know me, you’re lying. I am a decently active poster on this site and have decided that there is a lack of me writing essays on replies, which is quite nauseating for people such as @MrGarfield26 who genuinely like reading me be a complete prick on the site. So, I have decided to make this topic for convenience.

It’s very simple. For the longest time, I have been going under the repetition of “this guy absolutely destroys arguments and I can summon him by tagging him in a reply to the topic that I want him to debunk”. I like to call this “summoning” because there is no other function of this site named that and I find it rather quite humorous.

So Torush, cut to the chase and tell use what this topic is for!” This topic is for those who wish to summon me to waste my time debunking arguments, such and such. There will now be two ways of “summoning” me.

Method 1:
Reply to the argument in which you would like me to debunk and tag me in that reply. You can say anything else on that reply if need be, doesn’t really matter.

Method 2:
Reply to this topic with a link to the topic page with the correct reply number in the link. Again, you may say anything if need be.

Thank you for your time.


So your like a genie that I can summon?


Pretty much, yeah. :joy:


That’ll come in handy


So does that mean we only get three requests??:sob:


As many as you want. I a generous genie. :slight_smile:


hahahahahahah :joy:




IS ( Islamic State) is going to be rich!!! That would cause World War III




You don’t know about IS? It’s a terrorist organization in Syria, it fights for a independent Islamic State, and is committed to killing American ( that you Tim) and anyone who doesn’t follow their belief.
If they get their hands on lots of money, they can buy mass-destruction weapons, creating World War III


But let’s GBOT


Sorry, but…who are you again?


I debunk arguments for lols.


I hereby summon @Torush1 to debunk this.


But srsly, Debunk the description of your Debunking.

¡jajajajajajajaja platanos!


Out of all the things arguments I have debunked, you sir are by far, the most pathetic.

Summoned by: @TP_ONE

Stop trying to be popular. Just because you frequently post on the site does not mean everyone knows you.

I swear your ego is higher than the number of characters you used in this post. I bet you only 3 or 4 people actually think of you like that.

And yet you didn’t do research to check if there is no function on the site known as summoning. However, I will dismiss this as I do find it funny myself. :slight_smile:

It does matter. Someone can say something really offensive about you and you’d still debunk it. Reconsider.

I was going to make this more as a joke and throw a whole bunch of insults at myself, but I found some pretty deep cavities in some things I stated in this post.


Debunk the 5 second rule


isn’t it isis? i know what that is…and they aren’t committed to killing anyone not of the same religion, i think especially Christian. Yeah we should GBOT…


It’s has multiple name, but I prefer IS over the others.


That was amazing.