To those with potato computers


I have found a solution to your trash computers (this is for real). So head over to Nvidia’s website and go to the GeForce Now page in the dropdown, sign up for beta testing…

What this is, is a cloud based gpu that can let u run any game on high settings on for example a Pentium processor. Proof :

I’m just putting this out to help some people with bad computers.

{edit: here is the link to the website }

Expected responses:

  • ok
  • I don’t care
  • good for u
  • more negative stuff…


ok good for u

nobody cares


Does this work on Baked Potato computers?




i have a nivida g force on my laptop u nerd.


good for u


no u


this just killed my internet, Jesus. Well it works to some degree i guess. RIP internet 2018


Wait u got it?


i checked it out yeh


I found out how to get past the beta thing and download it

I can finally play fortnite…


all u need is a bottle of water and a space potato to play, i mean really? Fortnut is so dumb and pointless, roblox is better, its free and you can play millions of games instead of one :confused:


you have ur opinions, I have mine…


I have a Steamed potato, will it still work?

  1. Fortnite is also free (Battle Royale)

  2. Fortnite has a real game engine

  3. Those millions of games on Roblox are no no higher quality than Fortnite BR, combined.

Also there’s the normal Fortnite, so technically, there’s two different games instead of one

But yeah, I guess Fortnite is kinda pointless. But then again so is Roblox


Already requested Beta Access few months ago. No reply yet
To everyone asking will it work. Yes it will. It runs on Nvidias servers.


I found how to get it without requesting the beta, go to this link and go down to where it says “where do I download GeForce Now for pc again” and download then sign in…


I got it :smiley: Thanks man!


Well I’m grounded for the next few days so I’m gonna have to wait to try it out but your welcome…


And it’s full on Europe