Tips to get better!


I’ve decided to create a topic with tips to get better at Phantom Forces! Feel free to add your own tips

(but don’t post troll tips.)

Tip 1:
When you are in game, no matter what, keep moving. When you are taking shots, even move then. This makes you a harder target to hit

Tip 2:
Never walk. Constantly run. If you don’t run, you’re an easy target to hit.

Tip 3:
If you want a quick boost while running, press F and slide (press C twice) before pressing space. This can help you dodge certain scenarios where a group of M60 sprayers are trying to kill you.

Tip 4:
Watch other YouTubers and see how they play the game. You can use this as a means to observe how they take cover when being fired at, or you can see how they manage your shots. This can help with getting better at the game.

Tip 5:
Don’t stand out in the open for longer than 15 seconds. You will die. Stay close to walls, or stay in areas where it’s rich in cover. This helps you escape fire

Tip 6:
Stay calm. This will aid in concentration, thus aiding in hitting your shots.

Tip 7:
Don’t comment on other people’s loadouts. It’s their shit, leave them be. Why should you care if someone hits you with a BFG ball track?

Tip 8:
If you aren’t comfortable with a gun, try another one. Keep trying this until you find a gun you can comfortably use.

Tip 9:
When choosing loadouts, on the top right there should be an advanced button. Click it, and you can get more details on how your attachments effect recoil and accuracy.

Tip 10:
Use the loadouts you are most comfortable with. Feel free to google how to make good loadouts, if you are stuck


Not bad, but some of these tips could do with a bit of justification. Justifying the main points in your thread (in this case, the tips) helps to improve other people’s understanding.


Use different loadout depends on maps and gamemodes. Eg. Mac10 and Tec9 with suppressor on CTF Luck


Tip 12:
If you unlock a brand new melee, don’t just run around with it like a happy child that got new toys for christmas, Use your guns too.


TIP 13:

High RPM automatic guns work best in CQC, while low RPM automatic guns work best in Medium-Long Range


Tip 14: If you want to hit a moving target with a sniper, place your reticule slightly ahead of the running player, so that they run into the bullet when you shoot.


yeah no, imma keep doing that


Tip 7:
Don’t comment on other people’s loadouts. It’s their shit, leave them be. Why should you care if someone hits you with a BFG ball track?

Just votekick them.


Just commend them on their bravery.


ok no this is a bad idea because youtubers edit until their garbage strategies work once and then make that into a video


Step 1
Find a pf YouTuber streaming

Step 2
Stream snip



Tip 15: use the bfg




Well, I guess editing beats over 3 years of experience, but that’s your opinion. I’d rather trust a guy who has been an influence to the community for many years than a guy who just found out about the forum on December 8th

But hey! That’s just an opinion!


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