Tip with an 94


That’s right, you better shut your little mouth before I fucking wipe it down with a paint roller


I’ll have you know you’re the one who needs to chill out. I have said nothing worth deserving all of this backlash. If you can’t make a mature response without cursing or using abrasive remarks. You will offend the wrong person. The Bible says: “A soft answer turneth away wrath”- Proverbs 15:1. If you want to keep at this go ahead.


i was being satirical

and I made it quite obvious by the things i said…

I assumed you would’ve picked that up by the paint roller joke I made


You know, it’s not fun to put warning labels on satirical comments.


/s doesn’t take much away and really helps because i can’t trust you guys to not be moody adolescents


Who is this meant for? I directed the satire at a single person, someone who isn’t even usually offended by this. Not even like I normally do this anyways. But you know what? Thanks for being offended, because now I can’t try this shit with anyone else.


Well, Jesus, that’s really not ok. You should seek help. Lots of it. I’m just gonna call this really bad timing


Well shit, we went really off topic.

shall I use my GBOT card?


How did you guys not know about this?


:thinking: sounds familiar…


what the everliving fuck just happened here…?


I mever convert my AN-94 to full auto unless it’s for emergencies. Mostly, when at range, I just pace my shots since spamming the AN-94 rapidly deteriorates accuracy if you just do it beyond 200-ish RPM.

Now that the “V” in VCOG actually means something, I could use it more effectively in panic CQB moments.


The AN-94 is EZ with the two burst headshots


2500 is the Assault Rifle average. As I have found out myself, that velocity isn’t terrible for DMR-ing. Sure, it’s lower than most, but those who master the speed and bullet drop don’t care.

Per (incredibly accurate when not spammed) burst, the AN-94 deals 64-48 damage. Any one burst to the head that is followed by a burst anywhere else will be a 2-burst kill. Then AP gets involved. There’s a 1.2x multiplier, so now the burst deals 57.6 damage at range if you hit the torso at a distance. An incredibly accurate 2-burst kill at any distance if the torso is hit even once.

Using the AN-94 like the above has gotten me up to around 20 kills per streak on average, assuming I haven’t died in the middle of it or I haven’t resupplied it, which happens frequently thanks to the plentiful Carbine and AR users that try but fail to flank. That’s over DOUBLE my average with any other assault rifle with 120 bullets in reserve. Why? Because I don’t spam the burst. At most I click about 3 times (3rd is reflexive) when I kill someone from a distance. Burst mode is highly underestimated in this game, and frankly I don’t know why.

Unlike @Darkman_Bree over here, I have gotten games like where I’ve gone 70-3 (even going on something like a 58 killstreak) just using the AN-94 with VCOG and Armor Piercing, with whatever secondary of the day I was feeling like using. I even got a flawless game on CTF going 32-0. That rarely happens with anything that isn’t a sniper rifle or the 1858 Carbine.

And now that VCOG is variable zoom, I can find more utility in using the VCOG when I’m dealing with groups of enemies or if I’m dealing with an enemy in CQB.

In short, AN-94 is underrated, but not in the way you think.


that kinda mirrors it in IRL considering only like 2.5% of the playerbase mains it.


I can see the way you use the AN-94.I’m not saying your wrong,but for my play-style,my explanation was proper.I think that’s something we can all appreciate from the AN-94 it’s capable of supporting almost every playstyle in the game.



Good question.


I’m from 2019