Tip with an 94


There’s a 500rpm delay with burst but…

If you set it to auto

It still fires those two rounds at 1800rpm

But that delay seems to be gone

So just use the gun as if it were burst on full auto



Nice blank reply :thonk:


Most of us on the forum already know this lol.


how was I supposed to know


I didn’t know this.


I didn’t know this either


@TP_ONE @Hellcat_V

how did you not know! I already said this multiple times everywhere I could and I guess no one listens >:C


i dont know either



god damnit


We’ve discussed this many times here. Why you don’t know is on you. Camarokidbb has always talked about what it could do when he was debating with Darkman…


Well guess what? I didn’t give a shit about reading their little scuttles. So fucking excuse me for being unaware of one little feature in the RPM that I happened to never fucking hear about. Don’t give me that We’ve said this before bullshit because I wasnt even fucking aware it was a minor topic discussed


So you weren’t aware of Darkmans Fal vs Camaros AN-94? Also no need to get all offended. I wasn’t intending to start anything up. No reason to get all crazy.


It should seem pretty fucking obvious


Good day sir.


yea yea fuck off already


No need for brash remarks. You seriously need to tone it down.


Sometimes it’s a fucking necessity

Now go run some dog over in your truck while going 70mph