Thoughts on new Roblox font?

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Greetings fellow roblox / minecraft nerds, fries is here with a brand new low-effort topic

So yesterday, Roblox decided out of the blue to force another useless update onto their site

What are your thoughts on this?

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close if useless


i think its pretty ok update to the site considering how roblox is partially going away from the mainly for kids frowned upon aspect and going for an all ages type of thing so i wouldnt say that this website update is all too bad


I personally love this font. It looks really clean and smooth


It’s alright.


Tf is this font.


Font’s a Solid C-


It’s like comic sans.


Bit its in bold. And its not in comic sans. I wish it was though


It’s in arial Bold so it’s gay and emo


it’s nice if it wasn’t w i d e


what even roblox has dark mode?
font is pretty gay


They should have used cursive as the font smh. I rate it a solid -25


thicc letters


The letters are to thiccccccccccccccccccc for my liking