This site can’t be reached (help needed)


So uhh , like any normal day of mostly everyone’s PF career

You open the roblox webpage, login and stuff, before clicking on PF and do whatever you want and snipe peeps with the moist nuggest all day long

So uhh when I clicked on the roblox webpage, it didn’t show up and all I see is

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



I’m very sure my wifi is not a potato

So uhh yeah are there any methods or ways to solve this issue?


Check you WiFi


mmaybe try another browser


Wait for Roblox servers to stop fucking up.


took too long to respond

it’s most likely blocked (somehow). and then I recall that you’re living in the same country as me


  • parents blocked Roblox
  • Singapore decides to block Roblox
  • literally just connectivity issues
  • or Roblox, that could be a possibility