The Revive Fairy


I am now the self-officially-recognized Revive Fairy. I will revive one post every day, and it gets some attention that I see that it deserves. No self-revives, but revive requests can be made, although they can’t be for yourself.
Happy reviving

-hellcat5 the Revive Fairy


Revive my old posts plz


no u

And no self-revive requests


Revive the oldest post of the entire website.


like ur mum xdddddddddddddddddddddddddfucking kill me


kill you? Okay, Which gun?


Don’t revive dead threads. If it’s dead it stays dead. At this point you are saying.
“Once a day I’m going to spam the forum, on dead threads. And maybe I’ll get some attention I’m seeking.”


Not just dead threads, threads that I thought didn’t get enough attention or are even more relevant now.




Heyo this was a bad idea-o.

I have no clue-o why in za warudo I ever thought this-o would be a good idea-o.