The Possiblity of me reviving one of my old Topic Series. The Gun Biography's


Hello! Bonsoir! Hallo! (more words for hello in another language)

This is Admiral_Ward (better make this not sound like a damn YouTube Video). I am contemplating bringing back one of my old Series. Since I am back on the Forums…FOR GOOD NOW. I will do a quick check on my last gun biography…AND… The G3 Won…sorry for the wait mah dudes. See Screenshot below for proof. And @Chroniton Will like the next post. _Queues German themed video _. Sorry for flooding the forum with topics…But…image

Also. Here’s the screenshot that I said I would give you but I decided to wait till the end to show you all.

Yeah…dis shit is old.

See you in the next post I will make…That will be in Half an Hour to an hour from now…at. 8:03 PM EST.


I have not done a topic in a damn long time. Pardon the horrid format.


I made it. Check the #phantom-forces Section. Its there





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