The new Lmg



  • Hate this shit
  • Love it
  • Overpowered shit fucking cancer NERF it stylis
    *M60 2.0 naw fam

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I never played with it. I can’t wait to change that


Chroniton voted “Love it”

Will he love MG3KWS above L86 LSW?

  • Chroniton loves MG3KWS more than L86 LSW.
  • Chroniton still loves L86 LSW above MG3KWS.

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Theres no middle option, I quit


“hate this shit” is the closest one to "meh


This poll boils down to love it, hate it, and hate it with a side of shitpost


I see you’re not trained in the art of poll making. Let me help you here

  • Love it
  • Pretty good
  • Meh
  • Not very good
  • Hate this shit
  • Never played it
  • I don’t care

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This poll will give you much better results, rather than giving black and white results.


My main issue with the MG3 is its unreliablility, especially when it is stock. The recoil rotation is minor, but violent because of that rate of fire.


Basically, a buzzsaw that stylis forgot to add recoil.


I ship it


i have a specific bias with high rof guns

nuff said


NeRf It…
To op, like a RPK with 1000 rpm…


I absolutely fucking love this gun.



MG3KWS is okay, but you could rename it to “Reload Simulator 2018” and it’d still be a German reloading simulator.


I actually just finished uploading a video of the gun


why tho


2 things wrong with this vid:

You talk too much.

You sound like ur 13 ( I don’t really care about this)


So why bring it up?



You got my age correct, I am 13!

Now you win…



I’m 13…

that’s the only reason I brought that up…