The Feels Megathread


I’ve been offline so much recently, dealing with real life stuff and things I’ll get into when shit makes sense.

I’ve also had major ghosting errors with my new monitors and have been trying to fix it, its gotten better, but its particularly bad with roblox. Anyone have any tips or possible fixes?


Care to explain son?


You have a brain that is fucked up

Shut your goddamn mouth


My dad called me autistic the other day.


Understandable, have a good day


Understandable for the guy who literally said the oh so dreaded n-word hard r on the fucking site where the ethnic majority is Asians.

Good fuckin job laddy


Fuckin crackers


okay lmao


unknown-218 unknown-162
Here is what happened.
I was in a lobby on Crane doing my business. And this rank 10 ksg birdshot user was mindlessly targeting me and no one else. After the 5th time he killed me, he unloaded 8 ksg rounds into my corpse. He then typed “rekt dragon u suck”
That was when I started a votekick. He somehow got enough votes… Oof



jk I’m actually chill


Soon enough, not yet.


Random votekicks used to garner around 5-6 votes. Now that the votekick threshold got decreased, I’m honestly not surprised that votekicks actually serve a purpose now.

votekick immunity is nice


How do you have votekick immunity?


My fucking cunt of a friend told a girl I called her cute, now I don’t like like the girl.
And he fucking told her. I have the entire conversation remembered.
“meme_s said he likes you.”
“Who’s that?”
“The asian kid.”
and her fucking friends now who are friends with another friend of my crush probably knows.
This is a big fucking ripparoni, if shit hits the fan I’m gonna be throwing around them self harm jokes and possibly say I’m gonna drown myself in the bath but other than that I should be ok. I have a shitty ass plan of telling my crush’s friend, who I’m friends with that I don’t like the other person, and I like insert crush’s name here and hopefully something happens.

Also I fucked up my portrait of Guy Fieri by making him gay with lipstick colored lips instead of normal man ones.


I wish to see this image.

Also, my condolences


Your friend is a beta cuck. Real friends don’t say this to your crush: “Hey Bitch!!! So and so has a crush on you!!! He called you cute!”. At least ask for permission to share…


Fake friends amirite


Fake news


Welp my time just got raped…friggin theater. Apparently I agreed to something above my pay grade. Some beta cuck recommended that I wear this giant plant costume and its a bitch to wear…


Black Magic