The Feels Megathread


Guden job


Orchestra Teacher: “We have practice after school on Tuesdays”
doesn’t mention the first one was for auditions
Me: goes after school
Orchestra Teacher: “Oh! It was auditions today, but since the first waves of buses have already gone, I guess you’ll have to stay here.”
Me: puts violin back and books it outside into the main lobby to make it to my bus, with my pants almost falling off

My bus driver was still there, he is a legend. He is the hero we do not give enough credit for.


Welcome back son, we missed you.

Also yeah bus drivers are the unsung heroes of school. I even had one bus driver help me with a bit of math homework on my way home one time. Good times.


Oh also take this

I assume you want back in here as well.


I believe the best way to deal with emotions is to express them. For me, that’s listening to music that hits the feels.

Hope that your grandmother does well against the cancer though. All the best, my dude. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh hi torush.

Come to deliver another essay?


Not yet. :wink:


OK thanks I will listen to some queen


alright. fuck it.

i’m gonna leave this place for fucking good,this place was alright for a while (and they said the subreddit was toxic) too many newfags here, and jesus, they are tumors i’ll stay here only to lurk, and occasionally reply, but i’m going back to the subreddit


oh yeah, and i forgot about the let’s talks.

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Hey the newfags are going to be fine. You weren’t here, but @awesome0001000 used to be extremely toxic. He’s improved and so will they. It’s a cycle, they join, they be shit, then they decide to either improve, or leave the site.


yeah, i’ll wait for their leave, but i’ll be on the reddit for now


Why you ping me boi


am I a newfag



my life is boring. nothing bad happened but nothing fun happened either.


Nah you’re just one of the kids





Don't click on this, by the way.
I said don't click on it!
Don't do it!
Fine, you asked for it



Everybody here has some fucked up live wtf


law enforcement lolis… can she arrest me? ah, fuck it, im going in…