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Girls like head scratches, its their universal weak point.

Its a tough sell but when you get to head scratch, your golden.


My mom scratched my hair, and I fell asleep


Yesterday happened. The day was boringly average until after dinner time. This holiday has been arguably the worst of my life. I now discover that I love my parents as parents but not as people for various incidents that have happened over the past few weeks. Having said that, I thought my father was minutes from death.

I was called out of the bedroom by my mum, hungry for cake and ready to ask me if I wanted a slice. As I came out, my dad was getting up, bringing his plate to the kitchen. Immediately after, he stumbled and rested against the wall. He was dizzy, light-headed. I grabbed his plate for him, came back and made eye contact with him. He looked lost. Very lost. Very confused. As if he were struck with sudden amnesia. The last thing I wanted to hear out of his mouth was “who are you?” Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Though he screamed and sat back down. I brought out a cup of water for him. His left arm was completely stationary. It was numb and he couldn’t move it. “Is he having a stroke? Low blood pressure? What’s happening?” Questions rush around my head, trying to fathom what’d been happening before my eyes.

After returning the cup to the kitchen, I was asked to bring out a blood pressure machine, described to be by a bedside. As I scurried to the side of his bed, the song at the bottom of this post started playing in my head. I’d been getting back into eurobeat recently, so it’s of no surprise. I couldn’t find it. I came out only to find it underneath a coffee table. Low and behold, his blood pressure was low.

Everything’s been fine since then, but it haunts me. His wide eyes, open mouth, raised eyebrows. All accompanied by a paranoid scream. A flashback to a time where I thought his story had ended. It’s a terrible feeling, but I’m starting to persevere, starting with opening up.

Thank you.


happened to my dad once, but for him at was high blood pressure due to the astronomical amounts of cholesterol in his bloodstream

I can relate, but this happened to me few years ago, so being a clueless 10 year old, I never really thought it was a bad thing. of course I’m always wrong. of course it’s a bad thing

I just read up possible causes of hypertension, and a few possible causes are dehydration or lack of vitamin B-12. I’m no doctor, so take it as a grain of salt. but get your dad to the doctor ASAP if you havent

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I am


My dad found out about everything.

First of all, me and my sister have been vaping for a while. It has been the only way I can interact with her.

I also hped her sneak out tonight. Big mistake.

Long story short, my dad found out. I told him everything.

As it turns out my sister had stolen her phone back, instead of her phone stealing itself. This event drove my mother to tears for weeks after it occurred. She felt as if she was a failiure. And it turns out my sister actually was the one who stole it. This is already bad.

Now you have me, trying to play the middle, not leaning towards the side of my sister or my family. And now that’s fucked.

Now both my sister and father call me a traitor.

Dad said if I betray him again, he’ll toss me out on the street soon as I hit 18. Nani won’t talk to me and likely never will again. My mother… she’s just mentally scarred. My grandmother is just constantly in tears.

It turns out my sister stole $20 from my grandma’s purse. Our own fucking grandmother. Now it seems the $400 that went missing a while back might not be so lost.

God I hate my life.


Honestly, I’d side with your parents. It doesn’t really matter who she is to you, your sister did a bad thing and if you have to, tell her.

unless it’s too late to do that…


drugs are bad. side with your parents and try to help your sister get over her addiction.

well yeah, I would have done that since it’s the most neutral and peaceful thing you can do in this situation. Be completely neutral, and don’t do anything that will get you into trouble. Make no provocative choices or actions.


So I ended a 2.5 year relationship just 10 minutes ago.

I’m in limbo. I don’t know what to do.


will you marry me?


Dang sorry to hear that. Meanwhile me (;-;)…


Not helping.


That sucks dude. But all wounds heal with time. You may feel like shit now, but you’ll be better soon. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. I guarantee it.


I’m doing ok, shes taking it ridiculously bad, I’m just worried for her.


Just came back from a camp and found out that my grandmother is diagnosed with a very early stage of cancer. She went thru operation to cut the part with cancer and next month there will be a checkup again to see if the cancer has spread or not. I know it’s nothing serious as the cancer is still early and may not have spread, but idk why, I broke into tears when I heard this. Just about 2 years ago, my grandfather died of cancer. I don’t want my grandmother to die of cancer too. Tommorow my family will be having dinner with her, and I’m afraid when I see her, I might break into tears again, which might make her feel sad and remind her that she has cancer. Any tips on how not to cry?


git gud at suppressing emotions.

No seriously though there isn’t anything wrong with crying.


I feel trapped, the exact same thing I was scared of happening is happening. Shes threatening her life because I’m breaking up with her.
I don’t love her anymore, I can’t just drag her around to save her the pain.
I’m so trapped.


You are only as trapped as you think you are.

Let’s be real, there are two outcomes.

The most likely is that she is spouting steam because she’s angry, and that there is no serious threat to her life.

The extremely unlikely outcome is that she is actually serious about taking her own life.

My advice is to do two things; one, double down on the break up. You need to let her know it is over and there is zero chance of anything happening between you two ever again. Two, get her some help, as a friend. A professional would be desirable, like a shrink or something, but not everyone has the time or money for that. I’ve never contacted the suicide hotline myself, but perhaps you could call them and ask them A. for advice on what to do, or B. have her call the suicide hotline.

From the way she is acting, my diagnosis is that this relationship is extremely toxic, and if you go back into it, both she and you will only be hurt further. Remember, there are some things even worse than death.


92 days since I cut myself



Nothing wrong with crying, let the emotions flow. If they need to come out, let them.


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