The Feels Megathread


Failing AP Lit because I don’t care about anything in that class, its just the same shit over and over for years, and it hasn’t improved my writing skills at all.

My dad forces me to do the homework. I copy from a friend who got 9/10 on the homework sheets.

(I wasn’t caught for copying)
Imagine my shock when I get a 5/10 on the same assignment with more and improved answers. Great way to fuck someone over, its not like my drive to do anything in that class was already low or anything.

With 2 big assessments coming up (one she already failed me) I’m going to be fucked beyond repair for doing the same work as others who passed.


copying is bad. cheat the fuck out of it. if you dont get caught then you deserve it because you outsmarted the teacher.
p.s dont actually cheat


Wasn’t caught for copying, its not hard to hide it.


Just wanted to share a follow up on my last post. On Tuesday I made a Snapchat post saying “Send S if we’re friends”. Basically, my friends would reply and send a pic for me to post of them while sharing kind words. Eventually, my crush sent me a snap (keep in mind I like many girls) and I called her my #wcw (woman crush Wednesday). Next thing I know one of the girls that I like saw the post and later went to twitter and retweeted this:


@TP_ONE suspects that it may have been about the Snapchat story and that she really did like me. I think she doesn’t because we don’t talk or hop in those dm’s like we hop in each others pants … WAIT WHAT??? You didn’t see that!!! Anyways later that day my mom (the musical director for the theater the girl and I are in) told me that a group of girls including the girl who retweeted that tweet were talking about ME!!! As a matter of fact my mom told me that one of the girls approached her and said she wanted to meet me. I thought to myself: "Why in the world do all of these girls want to meet me when all I do is schoolwork and nerd out on this forum/play video-games and be anti-social. TP says I’m the ladies man ( I’m not I don’t even understand why I’m getting this attention) which I’m not. My mom says that my reputation proceeds me… I think to myself what reputation? Anyways,after a long hiatus from theater I have to go back to the theater to rehearse for the plant role in Little Shop Of Horrors on Wednesday. I’m curious to see how the girls will approach me…Thank You.


On Monday I went to the hospital to get my heart monitor set up. How it works is there are 4 electrodes coming from a black ‘monitor’ box. It let’s me go about my day without problems, as I can just attach it to my waistband. What bugs me is that the wires get tangled on my chest, since the electrodes and adhesive pads are there. This is what the monitor looks like

I have to have this thing on me till January 7th. A week after I return it to the hospital, the data will be compiled and sent to me, and they will say if I have a possible heart condition or neurological condition which makes my heart beat irregularly, which happens very commonly.

So here is why I needed this:
Four months ago I had a serious episode of what looked like Vertigo or extremely low blood pressure. I’m lucky I didn’t faint. And I question why I wasn’t sent to the ER during that, as I couldn’t funtion or control myself in that moment.
After that I had more, less problematic episodes that didn’t need much attention. But my last major episode happened during my birthday at a restaurant. I was about to eat, but I found myself in a blank stare at the seat in front of me, not being able to process information or feel my arms. I started to lose my mind which caused a really scary panic attack. My head had a pins and needles feeling and I couldn’t feel a thing. My mom checked my heart rate and it was all over the place, it could be 160BPM at one point then it could be at 40 the next second. I was having extreme arrythmia. Which is why I have to have this thing in the first place. I expect me to not have any more bad episodes since I have recovered quickly. Only the data can show wether there is a problem or not.

I feel like I already made this post

I’m getting some heavy DEJA VU


Can you bring it on a plane?


i’m pretty sure they allow medical devices on planes


i think you need to declare it, iirc


Yeet, in my school we did little shop of horrors last year and we in stage crew decided to completely destroy our plant. It took several days to clean up lol


LMFAO but why???


Didja do it with a flamethrower?


I found the girl version of me. We’ve been talking for a week and we have almost the exact same thought process on everything and so much in common its scary.
Shes the sweetest little person you’ll ever me and she melts my heart with how adorable she is.

I don’t think I like her, I’m more protective of her than anything. I kinda just watch her to make sure shes ok and happy.

Idk, girls are weird.


isn’t that the truth


look, I give headpats to girls shorter than me.



damnit, why’d you mention that? Now I wanna try that with my crush




cause good lolis get headpats for being good little girls!



well, shit. nvm


I should try that.


Not creepy at all