The Feels Megathread


True. I fell asleep at 3 in the morning though, and that was only with the help of this website, which for some reason will never let my computer screen shut off.

I feel and look like shit. After first period I’m probably just walking home.


Care to define episodes?


My little sister had to wear a heart monitor temporarily. She had irregular heartbeats…


I think that’s the same as arrhythmia


No my little sister has Noonan’s Syndrome.


Aye just looked that up. My sympathies.


It’s not as bad trust me. She extremely blessed but thanks. She doesn’t look weird. In fact if you saw her you honestly wouldn’t notice anything abnormal.


That seems to be a commonality nowadays.


the episodes were odd because i was having a roller coaster of symptoms during my first major episode. Dizziness, chest pain, eyes would either roll back in between heartbeats but my less serious episodes made my eyes super loose and i could not stop looking to my right. Because my eyes were loose during my last episode (a week ago), i couldn’t walk very much because my eyes vibrated so much from each step.
And my second to last major episode was when me, and my family were at a restaurant for my birthday. For some reason even though i was enjoying the time, i suddenly found myself not being able to focus my eyes on anything. That is when the realization happened which gave me a panic attack. I started breathing super quickly without control and then i couldn’t feel my limbs. My mom helped calm me down and we went to the car to relax and talk about what happened. My mom is a nurse so she checked my vitals and they were normal, except for arrhythmia of course.

Yesterday during my appointment for my arrhythmia, my mom explained that during the restaurant episode my eyes were dilated and i had a blank stare the whole time. i dont know how panic attacks really happen but it could of been from the previous episode.

next week i will get my monitor.


Change the combination on the safe.


I’ve been playing games since I was a young lad. I owned a very old computer and played on for most of my childhood. I’d either be playing that or Roblox, not as a decision to keep the games I play sort of diverse, but rather because I was incredibly invested in Call of Robloxia 5. Me being me, I get incredibly competitive, set standards too high, and when I fail to reach those standards, I get frustrated. Embarrassingly frustrated.

As I type this now I feel like my head is about to explode in anger. Yesterday, I played Slipstream. It’s a very nice game. Great visuals, mechanics; it’s a game worth getting. That evening, I decided to do something that I thought I was capable of, but clearly wasn’t. When, after hours of gameplay, had failed to even come close to proving me correct, I got incredibly angry. I whipped out my earphones, closed the game and sat for a solid 10 minutes. In my head ran around contemplations of who I’d become in only the first week of the holidays. If you read my posts earlier on this thread, you’d probably clue together that I’m disappointed in this old version of me that I’ve so carelessly let out. And all that for a video game.

Only moments ago I was trying to beat one of my records on Gran Turismo 6 and, once again, after an hours worth of failing, I quit. I flew by my mother in a fit, ignoring her queries. “Why are you angry?” “What’s wrong?” I’m starting to understand the negative stereotypes associated with gaming. This is a part of me I’ve desperately tried to get rid of to prove to myself I’m worth dating. Yet here we are. In a humid room typing up a storm after a pathetic incident.

After all this, I can’t help but want to die. I feel like I don’t deserve any of what I have right now. I’m making sure that I don’t touch another game until I’m certain that I’ve grown up because right now I’m acting like a man-child; I see it in others yet too condescending to see it in myself.

I’m bound to be yelled at for my stupid attitude and behavior. It’s about time, too. I doubt gaming’s worth the ecstasy.

Thank you.


On Gran Turismo 6, I literally tried over a hundred times to get gold on that one X2010 mission in Goodwood. It felt so good when I finally did it, but, a few years later, my PS3 got corrupted, so I had to get a new one and start all over again. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, and I got the gold in the X2010 Goodwood mission again.

BTW this is all with a controller. No specialized setup to be seen here.

Also it was said to be near impossible to drive the X2010 in Goodwood with a controller, yet I did it and got gold. Where the fuck are my eSport signups?


Honestly, rage is a part of playing games. Competitive games will induce anger if you feel you do something stupid or fuck up. I would know, considering I have an 11-year old brother who plays Fortnite. He’s always screaming his ass off whenever he’s playing with his friends or alone. I myself deal with this gamer rage on a regular, and my typical response is to slam my fists against my desk. My mom and dad will usually yell at me if I do so, so I’ve reduced my tendency to slam my desk. As for venting anger, some things I’ve tried is becoming hyper-focused on the game while getting super aggressive, being very numb to anything bad that occurs to me. And finally, I just fucking quit the game and play something a lot more casual, or take a break and just vent out.

One way to deal with gamer rage when in a group on Discord/ with a few guests watching is to make a joke out of your failure. For me, if laughter is induced, it calms me down a little.

I don’t think keeping yourself away from games is the best way to stop the rage, honestly. I’d say just play casual games that don’t induce anger, and you’re good.


I can attest, he does have rage issues.


Every time I read through here, I feel like all my problems are for the stupidest reasons(exept for the one where I don’t have home internet yet.


Everyones’ problems are meaningful. Yours might not be in your own perspective, but they have meaning nonetheless.


Meme King be getting deep in this thread I cry for the stupidest reasons(that’s my biggest problem probably), and it’s kind of shameful(kind of).


I’m hyper sensitive(That doesn’t mean I get but hurt easily.)


not to brag, but I think I’m more tolerant with game rage. in fact, if I know that I’ll blow up soon, I quickly shut off the game (usually PF) and find a more relaxing game (highly recommend Neon City, very relaxing environment) or simply do something else.

I think it’s good if you come up with a second or third hobby, so if you decide to rage quit, you move on to something else you can do.

I dunno, cycling, drawing, playing the guitar. or simply just sleep it off, works for me.

and please don’t, if you die you can’t find a girlfriend or at least someone you can care for. a little hypocritical for me to say this since my threat somewhere up this thread. but it’s true


So awhile ago I made a post about a particular girl one whom I thought I had feelings for. Well, those feelings went away after some time. I began to question whether I like that girl for her personality or for her physical appearance. After searching in my heart I believe I went with looks over personality. It was at that moment I realized I needed to stop going for looks and instead look for personality. I prayed to God/Allah for me to take off fleshly desires so I could focus on the heart. I’m not shaming people for liking attractive people because we all do. I just don’t want that to be the main focus for getting into a relationship. Anyways a girl I’ve known longer than the girl I liked in the past caught my eye a few times. I don’t know if I was dumb to not recognize it, but the girl in my class has everything going for her, she’s from a family of missionaries and has dreams of becoming a doctor. She’s nice on the eyes and very polite. We share mutual interests in going into the medical field and art. More importantly, she has a strong relationship with God/Allah which in my opinion that’s priceless. That’s all. Thank You.

(Ps the two of us have flirted before)