The Feels Megathread


Song for lonely people.


What a time to be alive


my comrade has grill
going to send this to him :dab:

but really though my “th” sounds like “s” whenever I try to say something with “th” at the end of it, for example, when I say “health” it sounds like “healsf”


Imagine being a rank 144 and going 17 AND FUCKING 28. I’m not even joking, there were no hackers, there were very few high ranks. I don’t know why I performed so god damn terribly and it pisses me off so much.


everybody has their bad days, don’t worry.


I don’t go to school.
I am homeschooled.
I am 180cm tall. Ok fine im 179


So it is 12am rn
I was about to get up to get ready for bed and I stretched out, put heels forward to pop them and instead of popping them my left calve muscle said F### BLYAT and pulled itself which caused me to nearly faint from the pain. It is wierd because this is common for me to pull calve muscles, but when I stretched my legs to pop my heels, I guess when I relax my lower left leg my calve doesn’t want to relax which ends up cramping and pulling it.

Send robux support


sorry, I already used my Twitch Prime :tm: sub on Ninja Fortnite


I’m homeschooled as well what a coincidence.


thanksgiving is a good and bad holiday.
you eat good food, but have to go somewhere and be social while eating it


Isnt that both good things?


*you have to be social with family members


Are your family members clingy and old? If so I feel bad…


huh do u use edgenuity


*You eat good food, but you gain like 20 pounds from all the shit you ate


You ever get that feeling that something is out there? Not out there as in outer space and aliens… but… right outside your window. Like some invisible, terrible entity is following you on the outside of your house. And given the chance it will get in.

I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. Whenever I’m up at night I don’t even feel like I want to, but rather I have to constantly glance over my shoulder. The other night I was out cooking and I just felt something… I looked out the window and something inside my brain said ‘do not take your eyes off that window for a second’. And so I stood there. It was almost as if I was in a trance. Turns out I had stared at that window for 10 minutes.

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me but I feel the need to basically doomsday prep my room now. Carry extra food and drinks in my room, which is not allowed at all by my parents. Always sleep with something that can be used as a weapon at your side. Always lock the door. Always shut the windows. Always make sure that the curtains are closed so that whatever could be out there can’t see you.

But the thing is I can feel… something. Watching. Right outside my window. It feels like it can look at me through the curtains. And I’m so god damn terrified to pull the curtains back that I don’t dare go near the window. I just sit and stare at that god damn window for entire nights on end.

I think there’s something very wrong with me. It might be lack of sleep. It might be a mental breakdown. All I know is that I feel like something is hunting me. And it scares me.

My parents, of course, are of no help whatsoever. Because my mom is in the full christcuck stereotype and thinks everything can be solved with a simple prayer and a pat on the head. And my dad would just say ‘man up and go the fuck to sleep’. I don’t even know who to turn to when it comes to this shit.

An update. The feeling… it moved. It’s like whatever I’m afraid of is right outside my door, and right outside my window at the same time. I’m not even going to try with sleep. I already know it’s pointless. I have the lights turned on, and my dog with me. Earlier I snuck some candy, fruit snacks, and a 2 liter soda bottle filled with water and a few electrolyte powders. I don’t want to go back out of my room. Not until morning.

I’m going to play some phantom forces. Maybe, just maybe, it will help calm my nerves.


100% cure

Play videogames


Maybe actually just fall asleep? Nothingness can’t kill you.


Next week I will have to wear a heart monitor for my arythmia(did I spell it correctly) because of the episodes I had recently.


Well I hope you get better