The Feels Megathread


a bit cliche and all, but you’d need a lot of courage to do that. I’ve seen it in action myself (and no, it wasn’t me)

by now it’s probably too late, but you never know. miracles always happen


Have her on messenger. Sufficient?


yes. that’s good enough

provided she’s actively using it




Guess who’s back?
Back again?
My sister’s back.
Taking nudes on my phone.

Yep, so yesterday, when I didn’t give my sister my phone, for even a second, she took pictures. Booty pics, pics of her in underwear there was one where it looked like she had no top on but I couldn’t see.

I, of course, showed theseto my mother, who told me to delete them. And I did. It also turns out these photos were on Instagram as I have seen. Now people are liking them and now not only has she taken my phone without my permission, but she has also used my phone to upload provocative photos onto the internet. I, of course, am not pleased by this at all. I also have people commenting… unsavory things. Let’s put it that way.


Your sister needs to get her life together.




My school has such low standards
Some white kid considered a 80 a good grade


I mean it is passing…


But I’m Asian
So excuse why I think that’s a bad grade


I do get A’s but a b is still passing.


For me anything below a 98 is a fail


That’s stupid…my parents wouldn’t be mad if I got a 98% because it’s still…



My parents would…


The Asian struggle


Jesus Christ. My parents will be mad if I made a 79 or below. But below 98? oof


I’m taking a crap rn



I wouldn’t exist if I got anything under 80 percent.



dont let it get too stuck

why did i say that