The Feels Megathread


Bravo, you earned my applause


2000000000000000000% based


I agree with this 100%.


He is a gentleman and a scholar


Well I accidentally twisted someone’s arm in school
And might get suspended


Arm wrestling match gone sexual wrong?


a girl that i like likes me uwu


No she was being annoying
Instincts kick in
And yeah
Super martial arts


Awesome is a nice guy confirmed


Make some moves brother before it’s too late don’t be insecure like me.


Anyways my back has been a problem for approximately 3-4 months now. I haven’t told anyone because I was reassuring myself that it would go away eventually. I can’t take it anymore. Do you guys know any therapeutic exercises I can do to help the pain? I often get muscle strains, and at times my back has a burning sensation that just torments me. I do exercise every day so I don’t know what the problem is.


What is this “Super martial art”


Just go to a chiropractor



all I can say is you’ll get caned for it too if you’re in Singapore


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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless you give me a goddamn taco)


Quick rant about 1984

I had to pick a book for school, and I was always interested in 1984 and have heard about it a lot from politics, so I decided to check it out.
I’m ~100 pages in and so little has happened, is almost a struggle to read. I get the ideas and the reason for it to be so slow, but it’s not an excuse for there to be absolutely no direction for such a large portion of the book.
You can only say “this society sucks” in a few different ways before it gets redundant and boring. Repetition can be a useful tool in literature, but its used poorly and to explore ideas that have already been explored.

I asked my AP Lit. Teacher about it and all she said is “it’s supposed to be that way, deal with it” which is a incredibly jarring and confusing statement when it speeds way up jumping past long periods after Winston meets Julia (and they explore the parties control over sex more, a topic that was already explored and explained.)

Maybe my young mind is too simple too see how important it is to hear Winston explain why the party dislikes sex 3 times without adding much to the idea.

Julia is a very interesting character and I’m interested again, hopefully the plot will pick up and it’ll change my mind.
I’ve started listening to an audiobook version of it to survive. Wish me luck boys.


Ok so in a dressing room shared by boys and girls alike. I started getting my costume on for the show I was performing. As I was dressing I noticed a girl staring at my chest. She complimented my chest calling it sexy af. We’ve started flirting here and there… funny thing is she is a junior and I’m a sophomore. Could it work out? Best part is I get to work with her at another theater.


Well, an 8th Grader in my school is dating a freshman. Give it a shot.


It’s been a while since I’ve read the book, but more stuff does happen. The book goes into some detail about the war between Eurasia, Oceania, and a third belligerent I do not remember the name of. There was also a crowd cheering at the execution of captured prisoners, too, I believe. There was also a whole tangent about the theme of the book, where “Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace,” and again a third part I don’t remember.

If this isn’t in the quarter of the book, it’ll probably get better as it goes on. If it doesn’t, cool; I’m fine with dissenting opinions.