The Feels Megathread


Sketch it then

iT’S noT IlLeGAl iF sHE’s a cArtOoN




Fuck around at therapy!


lemme reword that…

Why don’t you go to couples therapy!

Probably not a good idea tho…
But hey, you seem open to suggestion.


worse idea, because mine is court ordered


Nigga what did you do?



may or may not have shot somebody


Dang bro…


Self defense, or assault?

And are they dead


Not intentionally, wasnt even my gun, full story later, when im at school


I have my phone fellow gnibbads




Ok, full story: I was at a house party, and a guy just jogs up to me with a Glock(I think it was a 19) and asks me to hold it. So I do. I got tired of holding it, so i attempted to put it down while chatting. Soon as it touches the table, BLAW, my friend is curling and screaming on the floor, so we call an ambulance, but the police decide to tag along because of a gunshot wound. so he is carried off and while the police asks around about who shot, i said i did, and claimed it was an accident, but they were NOT having it, even though everybody else said that it was an accident too, i was handcuffed and carried off (handcuffs hurt like hell if they do them tight), so i was held at a detention center until my mom came and picked me up. we ended up in court, and the kid and his parents refused to charge me, so i was charged by the state and lost. i have to go through 5 months of therapy and a gun safeth group, or i would be charged with intentional homoside. basicly a case of bullshit


America, 2018.


This is America.
Black guys get shot, or shoved into gangs.
White guys get discriminated against by a bunch of people, for their fucking birth no less. White privelidge is a thing but it’s not as amazingly all powerful as everyone makes it out to be.
Latino guys get pushed into a world of drug dealing.
Asians are shitty parents and that’s about it. They do pump out the best kids though.
And Russians are called spies by their peers and harassed to no end.


Most of that is because of culture.

Blacks tend to listen rap and “dope” music, encouraging violence against the police, murder and drug usage. Thus, the rate of violence within the black community tends to behigher than the rest.

Asians: lots of asian culture teaches hard work and patience, which explains the stereotype, this is also the reason why asian men tend to be less abusive and have lower drug and acohol problem than the other races.

Latino: Because some of the most notorious drug lord are latino, eg Paulo Escobar, which then “inspires” young men to follow his example.

Russians: Which is the result of fake news, Mueller hasnt found shit relation to russian interference tying to Trump, and the intelligence agencies claimed stuff without showing us any evidences.

Whites: Result of brainwashed millenials spreading hate.


And then Black people oof.


True isnt it, still, when ever I present this fact, to counter the stupid “systematic racism” bullshit, leftists say Im racist. Smh


Everyone is racist as long as they aren’t… a… communist… … huh.


I mean there is systematic racism here but it sure as hell isn’t as bad as the olden times of America.


Elizabeth Warren is white, and if white privilege is a thing (even if it’s minor), then why did she claim to be a Native American (the “race,” not the status) to get minority bonuses at her college? :thonk:

Although sure, white privilege is a thing, but not in the way far left idiots would claim. “White privilege” is the result of the aftermath of racists shitting on minorities until about 50 years ago, keyword being “aftermath,” although it could still happen today, just with condescending propaganda instead of being up front. While it’s true that black people tend to commit more crimes per capita than white people, what if I told y’all that it was because of shitty living conditions that they haven’t risen out of, nor have they had an opportunity to rise out of, because racist cunts kept blocking their parents and grandparents’ access to top-of-the-line education and facilities that white people got?

“White privilege” isn’t combated by bringing down white people to the same shitty conditions their fathers subjected to minorities. “White privilege” is combated by giving minorities the same opportunities as white people get, and I feel that this is happening now with all-time low minority employments.

In fact, the fuck is the deal with race? No matter the skin, no matter the finer features, we’re all human beings goddammit! So treat your fellow man like a fellow man, and cast out the labels cursed upon us so many years ago!