The Feels Megathread


That was such a lovely statement to say about girls, because it totally applies to every single girl that exists!


Exactly I mean it won’t take long to find 100 Instagram photos of girls seeking attention.


Doesn’t give you a reason to call literally every single girl an “attention whore”. It’s a really low insult and it’s really not like guys are any better. As a matter of fact, guys can be even worse. Also, it’s fucking Instagram, what did you expect?


I see your point. From my experience I see both povs. I definitely see your premise and I could’ve rephrased it.


It truly could’ve been rephrased a lot better


That damned dog always comes back to bite your ass


Oh yeah she threatened to kill herself, and ran out of the house.

She even said that if the bathroom had a razor or anything she could have hurt herself with she would of killed herself then and there.

She also was basically telling my dad what he could and couldn’t do. Which pissed me off, idk how he managed to not kill her.

Oh and her incessant screeching about how she is a privelidged white girl who had everything she asked for and that was ending kept me up until 3 AM. And now I’m in school and don’t feel like I have the strength to finish the first fucking period.

Fortunately, she came back and was sleeping on the couch. FUCK I remember that I didn’t lock my door, and she’s a tad bit of a cleptomaniac.


Ouch. That’s not ok.


Yeah, it’s surprising how fucking crazy she is. She made some very bad decisions and is now refusing to face the consequences, willing to go against her parents, the state, the police, her school, and everyone else that says “pay up” basically.


She can’t evade punishment forever. She’ll pay up at some point, whether she likes it or not.


What led up to your sister acting like this? Is it people she chose to associate herself with that influenced her down this road? I’m just curious.


She’s just a product of circumstance. She was already into pot, but thanks to a misunderstanding and some bitches taking it way too far, she turned to pot as an escapism thing. And that is when my parents fiund out. This made her more stressed, drove her deeper into pot, and the cycle continues.


I think somehow, there’s a grill that likes me and I like her too, she’s pretty good at cooking ribs and corn, and doesn’t even require that much fuel to operate


(insert PetTv intro here, only consisting of “b-bois, bois,”)
you guys reamber the girl that likes to poke me?
well, an unfortunenate series of events had led me into an extremely weird feeling relationship with her, and damn she is the thirstiest girl i have ever met.



idk what to do at this point


Depends on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a longstanding relationship with lots of tender love and care, she might not be for you.

But if you’re just wanting someone to stick your dick in for 30 minutes a day… well, I’m not saying you shouldn’t… but just be careful.


well, not that i havent done this be3fore, this one is… a bit diffarent. (i cant spell for shit lol). she just has this demonic look in her eyes at times, and honestly, we got into this relationship through our habbit of cutting ourselves, 2 wrongs dont make a right


Oh. Well you know how the old saying goes.

Never stick your dick in crazy.

Of course she might not be crazy, and might just have an insatiable burning lust for dick. But you know.


30 mins a day seems a bit short… (not that i want to be in a room alone with her for any longer) she just gives me a really itchy feeling with “that” stare, but i dunno, might fuck around with her after therapy tommorow


Do it and just make sure there aren’t any sharp objects around.

pics or it didn’t happen



no, no pics, im pretty sure that would be illegal