The Feels Megathread


ah, understandable. thats what my first cut came out of, a 3 inch cut across my finger, bled for 5 mins straight


those also play factors, thats what the “hole” situation i explained is


just thought they where in some more deep shit than suicide and depression


Aye, mine was an accident. I fell on a knife blade. Cut my fucking leg open real good. It was at least 13 inches long, and I had to get my ass stitched up.

It was pretty fucking lit, and my first reaction was to laugh, really loud.


whoa must have been lit


ow, but yeah, mine was a mix of accident and curiosity. somebody had left a razorblade in our sink, and i was curious, so i picked it up. before i could make an intentional cut, my finger had spliced open at the tip, so now i have a cross shaped scar on my finger


It was a bread knife and shredded the fuck out of my leg. Not too deep and it healed on its own too. I’m lucky it never scarred.


You guys get too many cuts


only cuts i have on my is after my surgery




it isn’t really submission, at least not for me.

I only do it because I have no way to vent everything wrong wih my life. I have no way to throw away negative energy

and so I’m back at 2 weeks clean from cutting myself, so rip 9 weeks streak


Been a long time since I updated to y’all about the progress stats with that girl,

from all the convos with her,asking my friends to talk to her about stuff (secret “interrogations”)

She’s a huge attention whore

And why is that so?
Not talking to her for 3 days (I have exams), and she would say
insert mocking tone here
“Onii Chan, I miss chu”

Oh, for the love of god, stop
I’m studying

I told her straight away that I was studying, the next thing she replied is some goddamned role-playing shit that I despise

Her: poke poke Gimme attention Onii Chan

Seriously ,all her kiddie slangs and leech-like behavior,as well as cringy shit pick up lines have caused quite an annoyance to me.

2 days ago, she asked me if I had time to hang out with her during the November hols
I decided to be an asshole and ignored her message

After like 1+ week of not responding, her friends messaged me, I can’t recall what exactly they said

But one of it was “Hey, since you’re a great couple with that girl, why not join us for the outing?”

Sometimes in life, you just have to say “Shut the fuck up and commit Sudoku”

That girl messaged me even though I didn’t reply saying “I’m triggered and my nose is bleeding till I have high blood pressure”

I’ll send the screenshots later
So yeah


Pretty much all girls are attention whores. As for me… Well erm nothing happened in my life so uh nothing to say here.


you literally have 1 week left of school (unless you’re Sec 4/5)

c’mon man, you can survive this


Bloody bastards, I have 6 more months.


If she breathes, she’s a



I have 9 you fucknuggets


Ok nugget fucker


Chicken mcnuggets contain twice the saturated fat density as a big Mac
Stop eating nuggets you fart faces reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Welp my sister relapsed. Hard.

So apparently, she’s been good lately, until she went out with a friend my parents trusted. Basically, a bunch of petty whores were bullying her online and she wanted to go over to this friend’s house. It was allowed.

Now, this was one of very few friends my parents trusted, and guess what they did? They went to a haunted house in a car and smoked pot.

This culminated in a confrontation, and I was woken up to my sister screaming bloody murder, slamming the door to my parents’ room, and grabbing a knife.
My dad soon came out, after i scoped out the situation, and was going to confront her. Luckily, I whispered to him that she had a knife. She didn’t do anything with it, thank god. But now she is in the bathroom crying her eyes out.

The friend’s parents aren’t allowing my sister over anymore, and my sister got her phone taken away. For good this time. I think there is a cop at my house right now.

Long story short? She relapsed and my parents are taking her back to court.

God she’s such a fucking wreck. She doesn’t deserve what these bitches do to her or say about her, but at the same time she does some seriously stupid things. Like, come on. And I want to help her but I can’t because every time I try I make things worse. Not even in that cliché sense, I mean in the literal sense.