The best secondaries in phantom forces




Ok, but deagle is 2sk at any range and mp1911 is a full auto pistol with 53 damage headshots(using hollow points)



2SK at any range


MP1911 still kills slower than the M1911 in MOST SITUATIONS. You can’t always get headshots, and HPs are shit.

Also, I already said, the deagle has an effective fire rate of like 100 RPM because of its already low fire rate, and its high recoil. The ZIP and M1911 recover from their recoil much quicker, while pulling off similarly damaging headshots at faster fire rates.


m45a1 has a higher firerate


MP1911 is inferior to the M1911 in almost any situation.


But it is not so high that it can kill faster than the M1911 at literally any range. The fire rate difference than the M1911 is negligable because you have to put 1 more bullet in the target to kill them than the M1911 would have to.


True that, but if you are within 20 ish studs with mp1911 and pull the trigger at their head, chances are you will kill them nearly jnstantly


Perhaps, but that one single thing doesn’t make the MP1911 equal to the M1911, or anywhere near its level at all.


Ok, I’ll give you that. Ig I just prefer auto pistol.


Best secondary

Zip duh


If you can headshots consistently, otherwise,it’s doo-doo


Brother, I’m sorry for you having to hold down the fort without any other deciples at your side!

At your service!


If you can’t hit headshots consistently, you’re doo-doo.

jkjk XD