The best secondaries in phantom forces


So we’re gonna ignore the M1911 if tap fired at max speed kills faster than both those?


i haven’t seen a human being tap his mouse at 13 times per second…


I’ve gone over the M1911’s fire cap before, and I’m constantly edging on the fire rate cap.


Your sure you don’t have a macro or auto-clicker?


Use two fingers on the fire key and use your ring finger to aim. Alternate between them to click.


M45 is a sexier m1911 with more ammo


i just tried and its hard to do. either its my mouse or i lost me finger dexterity


Yes it takes a while to get used to.


It looks better but the M1911 can actually 2 hit kill in CQC and 3 hit kill at range. M1911 is far superior.


The best pistol is an M1911 due to the 2 shot kill. Helpful for taking out softened up targets at medium range or for fending off one-two guys in CQC. But the 8 rounds mean you cannot miss, or you’re fucked.

The best machine pistol is the MP1911. The 1000 RoF combined with .45 ACP makes this thing a swift killer. This is great for killing softened up enemies or melee chargers on CQC. If done right, you can technically make it into a nice compact SMG, with the right attachments. Just don’t miss.

The best revolver is the MP412. The MP412 feels easiest to use and most consistent among the revolvers. The Mateba’s recoil usually fucks over any one tap you could’ve achieved, and the 1858 requires a higher skill curve as you cannot miss with it, especially in close range. The 412 just feels more consistent than the other two.

The best other pistol is the Sawn Off DB. The barrel length may not be great at all, but the spread makes up for it. As long as you set it to burst, and you don’t miss, you’re pretty much using what can be the most dangerous weapon to anyone within at least 50 studs. Regardless of their skill, tactics or situation, good aim and a close range scenario makes the Sawn Off the king of CQC. Don’t be afraid to take it out beyond 50 studs, because it’s bound to hit a softened up player.


“the more bullets you can throw at your target the better”


P90 is best pdw I guess.


no ppsh


true but it isn’t as accurate as the glock 17


So is anything



frick off the m4a1 was a joke


Desert Eagle: A good weapon, but inferior to the M1911. It has a lower fire rate, which means it kills slower, extreme recoil, which means it’s even slower than before, and the M1911 (without headshots) has the exact same amount of shots to kill at range. Even if we’re talking about headshots, the ZIP 22 is far better, because it can pull off headshot kills so much faster.

Serbu: Gets outdone by the Sawn Off. It’s inaccurate, pretty sluggish, and has a negligable damage output. The Sawn Off does almost everything the serbu does better. That being said the serbu isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t the best.

M4A1: It’s not a joke, it’s harassment.

M45A1: Literally an inferior M1911, come up with anything the M45A1 does, and the M1911 does it so much better.


The deagal is an instakill with headshots


Not at long ranges it isn’t


Mp1911 is absurd.