The best secondaries in phantom forces



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The M45A1 is an M1911 that can’t two shot in CQC, can’t 3 shot at range, and is overall less useful because adding 2 bullets doesn’t solve any of those problems.


U forgot the deagle


M1911 does the deagle’s job better. 1 shot headshots are cool and all but you aren’t going to get those all the time.

Again, the Deagle is pretty great, but it’s inconsistent.


You can thank the vertical spread for that.


Its good for non moving targets and people with bad reactions


or killing someone at point blank


the glock 17 is OP if used correctly


so is the glock 18


You better replace M1911 with MP1911 as it is better in every way. It can do full auto resulting in quicker cqc kills, or semi with the same stats.


Incorrect. M1911 is by technicality the fastest killing weapon in the game.


Ummm no


The deagle is under rated and is my go to pistol. One shots head and two shots torso.


tfw M1911 does that but just twice as fast

What is wrong with all of you?


Let me give you some math you degenerate.

2 shots to kill at 780 RPM = much faster than 3-4 shots to kill at 1000 RPM. This is because the delay between shots of the MP1911, while seeming insignificant, makes it so the M1911 actually kills faster. Not to mention the M1911’s absolute superiority at range, the M1911’s superior ability to conserve ammo, the M1911’s superior accuracy and recoil performance, and the M1911’s straight up better reloads.

The MP1911 is a good gun, yes, but it can’t hold a fucking candle to the M1911. And if you even get me started on the “M45 is better than M1911” meme I will actually murder you in your sleep.


M1911 bae


M45 is better than M1911



Your ass is grass


The only problem I have with the M1911 is that it’s a Little bit too wobbly


So we’re gonna ignore that the MP1911 and Tec-9 will shred faster than some PDW’s in CQC?