The best secondaries in phantom forces


Be it at range or in CQC the M1911 is always a go-to, reliable weapon. It has a high damage output at close, medium, and long range, good ironsights, decent handling, and a quick reload. The M1911 is what I would call the most versatile sidearm. It can adapt and perform well in any situation ut is thrust into, and if you’re ever put into a situation where you need to use it, this hhumble pistol will not let you down. Whether you need to spam out a 2 hit kill in CQC, or pull off a clean 3 shotter at medium or even the longest of ranges, the M1911 will always get the job done. For its power it has a notably high rate of fire, and surprisingly low recoil. The M1911 is in my opinion the best secondary for the most common situations.

The G18 is a very solid secondary that behaves like a mini-carbine. Should you be using a less versatile primary, such as a shotgun or sniper, that struggles to get kills outside their optimal range, the G18 compliments them to a tee. Reliable, powerful, accurate, and all-around just a safe option in most situations.

Best paired with a shotgun or other close-quarters oriented weapon, the Obrez is literally a pocket sniper. It has great accuracy, is quick to handle, and provides the ranged capability of a sniper without taking up your primary slot. The Obrez performs just like its father, the Mosin Nagant. While there is more bullet drop and some random bullet spread, it usually won’t affect much unless you’re using it at extreme ranges, such as accross the map. Even so, it can often compete with and beat out any other weapon at range, even snipers.


Ok u


Why not the M9 or Glock 17? and the tec-9 to a extent.


ZIP 22?
Mateba 6?




sfg 50?
1858 New Army?


ZIP is a good secondary!


boi you do the same amount of damage with the m9 and glock 17 in the same amount of time as the Zip-22(w/ headshots), where it has to be headshots to compare to those two.


All of those are too unreliable, and the New Army can’t compete with the Obrez thanks to you know, one hit kills. New Army can’t one shot at range therefore is inferior.

Only counting main game weapons, Mateba 6 is good but not reliable enough to be the best. Its recoil limits it to CQC only.

Because the M1911 does all of their jobs better and more reliably. The M1911 actually can kill faster in CQC than a TEC-9.

And to everyone who said the ZIP 22, it’s a good secondary, but the M1911 can three hit kill with the same RPM and it doesn’t even have to be to the head, it does it to the torso, while also being able to straight up 2 shot motherfuckers in CQC to anywhere on the body.


Actually the M45 can do the job better than the m1911 in CQC that is. but the chance of killing someone in 2 hits up close is a 15% chance as most of the time are 1-25 studs away from that range so your doing around 48-42 damage , so it’s ureliable to say the least.


Boy, I can pick off enemies at range with Mateba.
(But not too far though)


Because of the intense camera kick right?


i mean, you could say the devs were somewhat able to translate the reliable trait of the M1911 from IRL to in-game


I like the kick.


No thanks * Puts muzzle brake on it *


I also use a Muzzle Brake boy.


M1911: Heck yeah. Who needs G18 when you can just spam them downI prefer the 1911 as a sniper secondary for the range and the very fast ttk at close range, and overall usefulness as a backup weapon.


I prefer using G17: R2 suppressor, HP
And the M45a1


boi you’re just insecure you dont have the skill curve to use it


What about the M45A1?