The Best MG36 Setup


VCOG x6 / TA33
Red Laser
Armor Piercing

This setup focuses on the MG36’s impressive ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome in most situations. We will be running the VCOG and TA33 for various reasons. The first is that it gives you 3 zoom modes for 3 ranges, which can be switched between rapidly. The compensator just helps with recoil, as always. The underbarrel red laser is to help with the shoulder-aiming mode of the MG36, allowing it to perform well in CQC, and because the grips slow down your ADS speed, which is a bad thing for the MG36 since it is already one of its very few weaknesses. Finally, we will be equipping armor piercing, as AP on this weapon doesn’t change the amount of shots needed to kill in CQC, and it allows you to 4 shot at all ranges, provided you aim for the torso or head. Using this loadout, the MG36 can rapidly switch between roles as either a CQC menace, a medium ranged monster that mows down large groups, or an accurate laser at long range that can put immense pressure on enemy snipers for your team.


Good idea in theory, but any sniper worth their salt is going to be too ballsy to get pinned by an lmg at 15 studs.


But here’s the thing, that sniper may be ballsy, but the MG36 can do 3 things against snipers.

A. Use their immense fire rate to throw off their aim due to suppression, AKA shaking the fuck out of their screen.
B. Use said fire rate and damage to kill the sniper before they can line up their shot / recover from aforementioned screen shaking
C. Has a good enough damage output so that if the sniper isn’t already dead center on you when you start firing, they are most likely already dead.


Yes, the mg36 is an incredibly effective weapon at any range. It shreds noobs at cqc, whilst taking out snipers with ease. I agree with you. I do use a slightly diffrent loadout but the concept is the same.


Ooh do tell us what it is.




I find it easier with a acog, but thats me.


I find the TA33 better just because of the amount of versatility it gives you.


Take is mg36 god


Yes so am I. It is apparently my weapon with the most kills, which I have no clue why it does have so many, when I think of myself I think of me using the AK47, M60, and BFG, NOT the MG36. It’s fucking weird, I just hit 2K on it yesterday.


I think take I more than just 2k


Honestly, I don’t show it with my weapons, but I’m very good with pretty much all of them. But almost none of my weapons actually have over 1k kills despite me being at rank 153. All my kills are spread out between a fuckton of weapons.


I mean The LSW can do mid to long range easier than the MG36, sure you can’t wipe out as many people as the MG36 ,but you have better damage up close and at range, has a 1.1 torso multi, broken suppression, and a lot of ammo in reserve, and not to mention it’s the L86 on steroids ,sans the RPM.


:clap:armor :clap: piercing
:clap:meme :clap: review


RPK-12 :b:urst




if you want suppression…

(hands u a L86LSW)