The banned game [Road to 3500]


Panned for typing a letter


Banned for hypocrisy




banned for trying to decipher a secret message which says FAL > G3


banned for not being Mr.Garfield26 or MisterGarfield26


banned for having a USA pfp


Banned for banning someone with a U.S.A pfp.


Banned for banning me banning someone with a USA pfp and also double banned for the KFC pfp


banned for insulting my holy pfp. I’m Ali Bin Chikin the guy who ironically doesn’t eat chicken.


banned for referring to someone who doesn’t eat at chick-fil-a as “holy”


banned for wearing shades


banned for referring to sunglasses as shades


Banned for not keeping the American flag unobstructed in their profile picture.


banned for caring about it being unobstructed yet not having it as your profile picture


Banned for being noob and probably banning me of racism


Banned for not replying to the person above.


banned for not banning in 2019


Banned for banning in 2018

This message was made an hour before 2019 and was sent to the future using a time machine


banned for creating a time machine


banned for not creating a time machine