The banned game [Road to 3500]


banned for banning me cuz of 25 ban spree

penta ban


banned cuz why not ban myself and also hexa ban


banned cuz you said sutton is insufferable and also

7 banning spree


banned cuz of that oof video again and also 8 ban spree


banned cuz 3500 again and also 9 ban spree


banned for banning way to fucking much


banned again cuz 10 ban spree


Banned for bringing up the ban spree again and banning me like 8 times already.




anned for b


b for anned


banned for


Banned for no ban reason


We have determined that your behaviour is in violation of our TOS

Reason: Harrasment
Offensive item:


banned for banning someone according to the Terms of Service in which contains 500 paragraphs of 30 articles divided into 10 chapters with each articles having a bare minimum of 5 subchapters. this is a violation of the Terms of Service under the laws of StyLiS Studios Discourse, Chapter 13 Article 15G Paragraph 4, 2018

“thou shall ban’t with reason’t”


Banned for being a nerd,get rekt scrub


Banned for hypocrisy


banned for not thinking


Banned for thinking


banned for for thinking