The banned game [Road to 3500]


banned for banana and also welcome, your my 18th ban in my banning spree


banned for banning cuz of dead meme as profile picture and also welcome ot my banning spree, your my 19th


banned for banning for not capitalizing and also, congratulations, you’re my 20th ban



banned because i need new people in this banning spree, you’re the 21st


banned because… idk you cool with me bro, nothing personal but i gotta get that 100 ban spree


banned because u also cool and also ur my 22nd ban here


banned because yes

and also ur my 23rd ban


banning myself because why not

24th ban


banned cuz 25th ban and also, k


Banned for banned spammed banne spamme


banned for breaking my 25 banne spree


Banned for making a 25 ban spree


banned for banning hoozer man


reverse ban for banning an anti hoozer man


ban for reverse banning a ban. unbanning the banned gets a ban, u banner!


cause your breath stank


banned for not banning cause of his breath stank


banned for banning cuz of reverse ban


banned for reverse banning someone that banned me

also, triple ban


banned for banning someone who banned me and also

quad ban