The banned game [Road to 2600]


banned for ignoring the point of the thread and chain-break [repeated offense, ban time EXTENDED]


Banned for being an asshole and not mensioning anything besides chain break and point of the tread.


banned for not winning stalingrad
hi im the 1943th post


Banned for being in the wrong topic


banned because you didn’t take stalingrad still


Banned for repeatedly bringing up my defeat


banned for now taking berlin and seperating it


banned for steamed hams


Banned for invalid ban reason


banned for disrespecting the clams


Banned for leading this thread to 2k replies.


banned for making the 1950th post and complaining that we’re trying to get to 2k


:parking:anned for not putting a :parking: in your :parking:an


:parking:anned for not using a pan



:parking:anned for using a literal :parking:an


ban pan for pan ban


banned for not using the :parking: icon


:parking:anned for calling an emoji an “icon”


:parking:anned for calling icon emoji


:parking:anned for continuing to call an emoji an icon when an icon is clearly defined as
which is not what the :parking: emoji represents (it’s not a program, option, or window, heck)