The banned game [Road to 2600]


banned for invalid ban reason (lack of ban reason)



stfu bot go die in a hole



once again… STFU BOT


banned for breaking chain


Banned for also breaking the chain


banned for not seeing the blatant “ban” in my message


Well then banned for ALSO not seeing the blatant “ban” in my message


banned for not realizing that I had banned the person above me, while you had not.


banned for fighting


also pbanned for fighting


banned for not replying to the person above you


banned because i did and you did not see me ban u


Banned for eating dinner at 9 P.M alone


:parking: anned for eating dinner at 9 PM.


banned for not realizing I replied to a post from 2017 from a person who is most likely asleep right now


banned for admitting to chain break and not replying to person above


banned for being a meanie :angry:


banned :hammer: for :rage: NOT :no_entry_sign: using :hammer_and_wrench: emojis :smiley: every :persevere: single :one: :couple: word :exclamation:


banned for not seeing that I replied to a reply from a few days ago


Un :parking: anned for helping me defeat pasto!