TF2 Megathread


where can I get this

or rather, how?


Well I’m planning to do a private testing session soon from a discord server, just message me here and I’ll send you the invite link. If anyone else wants to join just give me a few to finish setting up the server.

Edit : servers more set up now, if anyone wants to try it out dm me here, basic rules for joining is really just to have a good standing with the community here.


rev00v becasue…

I just got back into playing tf2 after a year and a half of not playing. Any tips? (preferably for spy because i main spy)


Don’t use Ambassador, terribly nerfed.


Nerfed how? Does it atleast still 1 shot headshot?


It’s very ineffective at longer ranges now.


Oh, rip. Is there a revolver that you recomend?

  • Default.
  • L’Etranger if you hate waiting for cloak/Dead Ringer to recharge.
  • Diamondback if you manage to get lots of sapped buildings and backstabbed enemies.


In that case I am prob gonna go for the L’Etranger