TF2 Megathread


So many of us know or/and play Team Fortress 2.

But why is there no megathread of this, Well… Minecraft has a megathread made by Toothless, why does TF2 have none yet?

Anything TF2 related can go here: Memes, Quotes, Screenshots, Videos, Plays, Stats showoff, Items showoff, Server recommendations,… Anything but it must be TF2.

What are you waiting for? Taking Sasha for a steak dinner? Collecting $400,000 to pay every 12 seconds? Go ahead mercenaries!



Also, who else would like to see Turbine as a phantom forces map lol.


Turbine is also in Roblox Typical Colors 2 and it’s still chaos there.

I can see Metro becoming Turbine 2.0 when CTF is out.


Ah yes, TC2. Where the pyro can outrun his already inconsistent flamethrower hitbox, and spy is god damn unbeatable if you know how to play him right.

Scout is busted as fuck, heavy is retarded, don’t even get me started on the medic, demoman’s pills are stupidly good, soldier is stupidly bad, and engineer is just high octane homosexuality.


I’m 70% finished with the main objective of Harvest Event contract

I also got this thing

like what the freck, my scout is a minataur


I’m almost finished with my contracts, I’m missing the 3 last maps from Scream Fortress 7.

Trust me, the 5 new maps are really fun.

(I got a bird heavy head this year :smiley: )



what the hell


Yo, I love Scream Fortress, when it starts, I put alot of time into the contracts.

Call me crazy, but last year I did EVERY single one of them in 1 day.
Now I’m spreading them per day, with only 3 more remaining now.

And I still have the Scream Fortress II (2010) exclusive:
A tradeable version of the HHH’s Headtaker. (Any headtaker crafted during Scream Fortress II in 2010 we’re made tradeable, Any later headtakers remain untradeable)




I mean i don’t have anything, and i don’t care about unusuals and whatnot, but I’d love to get some spare weapons. Just plain old weapons.

Rn I’m lacking…
Mad Milk
Holy Mackrel(Ultimate deadringer counter)
Quickiebomb Launcher
Literally all of demoman’s shields, boots, and melees
Loch 'n Load
The basketball Iron Bomber
The Warrior’s Spirit
The Axtinguisher
The Third Degree
Flare Gun
The Hitman’s Heatmaker
Cleaner’s Carbine

That’s pretty much everything I can remember atm.


i have not played tf2 in a while
since when summer came i mostly hanged around my xbox then pc(mostly cause my pcs trash)and i practically gave up and moved on to csgo before the big update(forgot what its called)i just gave up cause there was not update but when the update came it was already to late and got sucked into csgo


Achievements can grant you the Jarate, Flare Gun, Axtinguisher, Chargin’ Targe, Eyelander, Natascha and Ambassador.


I have done nothing but teleport bread for two days.




looks at Blu spawn in 2Fort

bread monster dude eating everyone who spawns



How is a megathread dying?

My TF2 meme weapon is the Back Scatter.
Back Scatter is best weapon in the game!


So recently, I’ve been getting back in to TF2 (even though it crashes a lot). I’ve been working on a custom hud (mostly focusing on gameplay) that is very minimal, I started a few days ago and I’m wanting some opinions on it, any suggestions?

CTF Screenshot ;

KOTH Screenshot ;
PL Screenshot ;
MVM Screenshot ;


Playing sniper is ez in TF2.

We essentially just click on heads


Critical Hit!


it looks clean, very clean


Updates :
Custom Crosshair
Damage Indicatator on crosshair
New GUIs (mostly just for MVM right now)
Target info is now more minimal
Revamped engineer build menu